Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Advanced Solar Photonics Sponsors GreenCities Florida

Lake Mary, Fl., May 26, 2009 – Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP), the cutting-edge developer of laser systems and one hundred percent American made monocrystalline solar panels recently sponsored Florida’s first GreenCities™ event in Orlando. This conference, an innovative sustainability conference for business, government and community was held May 20th and 21st, at the Orange County Convention Center.

“In sponsoring GreenCities™ Florida, Advanced Solar Photonics’ goal was to promote renewable energy in the state of Florida, said ASP’s Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Maureen McHale.

The conference offered a highly interactive, outcome-based portfolio of workshops presented with practical steps and specific plans for participating in the growing $400 billion green economy. State and national experts in green government, business, and technology provided practical tools, case studies, and resources. Additionally, numerous speakers' focused on sharing vital information driving today’s new green economy and moving Florida towards a sustainable future.

Orange County Mayor, Richard Crotty kicked off the event by cutting the green ribbon for the grand opening and dedication of Orange County's new Climate Change Education Center. Following the dedication ceremony, in addition to the Mayor, Senator Lee Constantine and Lt. Governor John Lushetsky participated in flipping the switch on Orange County's new one megawatt solar system on the rooftop of the convention center.

“We believe GreenCities™ Florida was an excellent opportunity for key people to meet and take the first steps towards changing Florida’s future which is why Advanced Solar Photonics not only had a booth in the tradeshow area, our CEO, Demitri Nikitin, was the keynote speaker at the sustainability in manufacturing session. Additionally, ASP sponsored the evening networking reception, at the Orlando Peabody Hotel, for all convention attendees. In the end, because of the connections we were able to make, it was well worth the sponsorship.” said McHale.

Advanced Solar Photonics, (ASP) located in Lake Mary, Florida employs an international team of technology driven professionals. ASP’s cutting-edge laser equipment for solar panel processing, solar cells, and commercial solar products for the solar industry is applicable to both the silicon and thin-film processes.

Media Contact:

Maureen McHale
Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Director
407-829-2613 x317

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laser Cutting Solar Silicon Panels

BLACKSTAR™ is a Wafer Dicing System utilizing Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology® (FWLDT®) invented and patented by Fonon Technology and modified to accommodate the requirements of a silicon wafer singulation process without affecting the existent dicing method, processes or procedures.

Wafers have the highest value at the dicing stage and the primary focus of a BlackStar™ is to increase the number of dies, yield per wafer, and to maximize throughput while minimizing the HAZ specifically for “power hungry” RF micro devices and low-K wafer substrates.

The system is applicable for dicing of assorted semiconductor materials such as silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium (Ge), indium phosphide (InP), silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), gallium phosphide (GaP), other compound materials, as well as low-k and multi-layer composite materials.

BlackStar™ is an alternative to mechanical saws too damaging and costly for cutting of thin delicate silicon, low-K and complex material wafers.

Watch the BlackStar™ in Action Now!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

TFT Film Cutting

Fonon Technology International, Inc., the world-renowned inventor and manufacturer of equipment based on ZWLCT® (Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology®) offers the latest innovation in laser scribing for the FPD (Flat Panel Display) Industry, the Fantom™ product line. Offering a stand-alone system for scribing TFT LCD panels, based on a C3 Laser™ Integrated Glass Scribing Laser Module, the Fantom™ series of laser scribing systems are cable of scribing glass panels ranging in size from Generation 3 to the large format Generation 8.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fiber Laser Medical Device Marking

The parts were marked on this medical saw using a 20Watt Fiber Laser Marking System. The parts were marked with a single line, narrow font for speed purposes and a bold font to increase readability. The parts were engraved deep enough that the marking would very hard to remove. One part was engraved using a narrow font, this produced a short cycle time. The cycle time for narrow engraved part took 3 seconds. The second part was engraved with a bold font to increase readability; the cycle time for the bold font was 8.5 seconds.

Looking for a new laser system? Send us your samples...
Our experienced staff at FononDSS consists of applications engineers that are familiar with a wide variety of applications across many different manufacturing industries. Send us several samples of your product with a complete description of your marking or cutting requirements. Your processed parts, together with a detailed applications report and equipment recommendations will be returned to you at no charge.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Laser Marking on Ceramic Application

The parts were laser marked using a 20 watt q-switched ytterbium fiber laser with 160 mm focal length lens. The parts were surface marked to create brightly contrasting marks. The parts were marked using various parameters, resulting in various cycle times and various darkness and qualities of marks on the samples.
"Fonon Display and Semiconductor marking and engraving products range from smaller handheld systems to larger industrial sized machines," said Maureen McHale, Fonon Display and Semiconductors Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Director. "This ensures no matter the size of the company or application Fonon DSS can provide an affordable system which is easily integrated into any production facility," continued McHale.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Laser Photonics: made in the USA

A US company has positioned itself as the only domestic manufacturer of a flat-bed fibre-laser cutting system.

Laser Photonics (Lake Mary, FL) supplies the Titan series of fibre-laser cutting machines, a range of multipurpose flat-bed systems equipped with a high-power fibre-laser and a single-pallet shuttle table. And it is currently the only US manufacturer of such a system, according to the company's marketing manager Maureen McHale.

"Fibre lasers are still a relatively new technology," McHale told "They represent a real improvement in technology for a variety of applications, and are becoming the new industry standard. However, many manufacturers and job shops still haven't embraced the technology and cling to their CO2 machines."

The company's expertise in fibre-lasers stems from its background in the supply of systems for laser marking, cutting and engraving applications, and experience in working with lasers in R&D environments. "Along the way we acquired an understanding of how to physically build workable systems and incorporate lasers into industrial applications," said McHale.

Other US companies supplying the industrial-laser sector have not embraced fibre lasers in the same way, according to McHale: "Fibre lasers have not historically been a major focus for US manufacturers. Consequently most manufacturers of such systems are European companies, as US suppliers currently do not have the combination of technical know-how and ability to build the equipment needed."

The only other sources for similar flat-bed fibre-laser machines at present are one Italian and one Indian company (Air Liquide and Addprint India Enterprises), but McHale indicates that they differ from the Titan series in the way they manipulate the workpiece. "The Italian and Indian machines use ball and screw mechanisms, while the Titan employs a linear drive motion system. This allows for higher speeds during cutting, and can deliver the high levels of accuracy and repeatability required in flat-sheet cutting and the flat-panel-display industry."

At present, Laser Photonics claims its order books remain healthy despite the economic climate. "In the first quarter of 2009 our sales are up by over 250% compared to the total sales volume of 2008. Many manufacturers are using this down-turn in the economy to beef up their production lines, and investigate ways to lower their operating costs, use less energy and increase throughput."

These attractions guarantee that Laser Photonics will soon be facing competition in its niche. "We recognize that within the next 5-10 years other US manufacturers will try and compete, but we are pushing to stay ahead of any possible competition," said McHale. "Being the only manufacturer of a product in the US is a big thing."

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Tim Hayes is Industry Editor for and Optics & Laser Europe.