Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is Relationship Selling DEAD?

For an excellent article with some truths about relationship selling in today's market: Visit Doyle Slayton's Sales Blogcast website.

Here's what you'll discover:
1) The truth is that your customers and prospects..."They don't need another relationship!"

2) Your customers and prospects make lightning-quick decisions to allow you access to them based on these criteria:
  • Is this aligned with what I need to accomplish?
  • How big a priority is it? What’s the urgency?
  • Does this person provide value?
  • How simple is it? Will it take lots of effort?

To succeed, follow the SNAP Rules:

Rule 1: Keep It Simple
Rule 2: Be iNvaluable
Rule 3: Always Align
Rule 4: Raise Priorities


"You have to earn the right to have

a relationship with them first."

Read the full article written by Jill Knorath now.