For 25 years, structural adhesive bonding has been used in the automotive industry without corrosion concerns. In addition to reducing corrosion issues, structural adhesives offer many other benefits, such as: reduced stress points and leaks, resistance to extreme environmental conditions and improved sealing.

Some of the applications in which structural adhesives have been used in the automotive industry are: assembling fuel-pumps, repairing cracked or broken ferrite magnets, attaching fans to shafts of motors, affixing auto mirrors to frames and housings and magnet assembly for motors in severe environments.

In addition to the numerous applications of use in the automotive industry, other applications include:
• Electronic Components Assemblies in Severe Environments
• Cutlery Handles
Speaker Magnets
• Firearm Parts
• Stemware
• Wood and plastic Components, Arrowheads

How They Work
Adhesives act as a sealant by keeping moisture out. Specifically, structural adhesives offer excellent gap filling abilities, up to .040” to fill in irregularities on poorly fitted parts to form this moisture barrier.

Strong as Conventional Fastening
Structural acrylic adhesives high shear strength, up to 3,200 psi, and temperature stability to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, make them as strong as welding and most other conventional fastening methods. Bolts and rivets concentrate the stress at the point of attachment whereas adhesives spread the stress over the whole bond area.

Increased Profits & Lower Costs
Fast fixturing times and high production rates are accomplished by using 100% active single component structural adhesives that cure upon exclusion of air. This results in increased profitability, lower costs and design efficiency in that assembly integrity is assured.

Hernon Anaerobic Structural Adhesives (HASA)
Hernon offers a complete line of structural anaerobics, the HASA line of products. HASA materials have excellent gap filling abilities and offer excellent temperature stability. They are active, single component adhesives that cure upon the exclusion of air. Cure is accomplished by applying HASA between mating surfaces including metals, glass, ceramics, thermoset plastics, and filled thermoplastics. These easily dispensed bonding agents will ultimately reduce assembly time and related cost for your structural bonding needs. HASA adhesives are highly engineered to meet specific design criteria combing high tensile, impact, temperature, and peel strengths, for specific assembly requirements.

About Hernon Manufacturing

Hernon manufactures over 400 grades of high performance military and industrial grade adhesives, sealants, coatings and related equipment. Hernon’s products are being used successfully in many demanding industries such as: aerospace, automotive and marine. Hernon also provides many solutions in diverse applications such as: ammunition, appliance, audio, custom jewelry, toys, defense, electrical, electronics, heavy vehicle and weapons. For more information, visit their website at or call 800-527-0004.