Sunday, April 4, 2010

Glass Wafer Dicing Technology

As a result of exposure in camera windows and IR filter devices Fonon developed a precision separation of glass panels into individual components with the Zero Width Laser Dicing Technology®.
The ZWLDT® splits materials at the molecular level at tremendous speed with no material loss. This results in the highest edge quality and the fastest dicing speed.

Integrated scribe and break equipment is available for 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 200 and 300 mm in diameter glass substrates mounted on a standard 300 mm wafer hoops.

Quick Release tape made it possible to remove individual substrates from the dicing tape without the edge damage with Pick and Place equipment.

Laser dicing system showing below is a special machine designed for precise dicing of glass wafers.

The Glass Wafer Dicing Process:

  • Mount low-tack and quick-release tape on the metal tape frame
  • Laminate the substrate on the tape
  • Dice the substrate into specified-dimension dies with advanced Zero Width Laser Dicing Technology®
  • Apply a cover film
  • Flip upside down
  • Break with a metal bar
  • Expand on stretcher
  • Remove individual substrates from dicing tape without edge damage with Pick Place equipment
  • Bio ID devices
  • Cell Phone Cameras and Display Panels
  • TFT & LCD Cells
  • CCD & IR camera windows
  • IR cut off filter

  • Higher speeds
  • Higher throughput
  • High precision and accuracy
  • No material loss
  • Shortens process and can be brought into clean room
  • Edges have a high resistance to breakage

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