Friday, January 24, 2014

Commercial Building Maintenance 101

Whether you manager a manufacturing warehouse, retail establishment, hotel, place of worship, or an office building, having a facilities maintenance company to manage all of your commercial building maintenance is key to making your life easier!

Peeling paint and graffiti-laced exteriors, mechanical and electrical issues, dirty floors and windows and unsanitary restrooms appeal to no one - not your tenants, not their customers, no one. Maintaining the exterior and interior of a facility is important to sustaining customer satisfaction, keeping high safety standards and retaining the value of your asset.

Take a look around your facility. Sure, you may see these four walls every day, but what are your tenants seeing? What safety issues are you not seeing? Are there any little maintenance tasks that can be taken care of now to prevent them from turning into big and costly issues?

Go ahead – take these checklists and take a quick walk around your facility.

Exterior Building Maintenance Checklist 
Do you have any of these issues that need to be addressed?
 Peeling, bubbling, or chipping paint on walls, doors, etc.?
 Graffiti?
 Cracks in the walls?
 Mold, fungus, or mildew on the building?
 Stains (indicating leaks)?
 Rust or deterioration on metal?
 Wood Rot?
 Broken or burned out light fixtures?
 Exposed wiring?
 Security cameras/gates not working?
 Cracked or broken sidewalks or curbs?
 Potholes in the parking lot?
 Dirty parking lot?
 Missing handicap signs or other safety signs or pavement markings missing?
 Leaking air conditioner unit(s)?
 Presence of pests, wasps, ants, etc.
 Broken locks?
 Broken glass or broken windows?
 Weather-stripping damaged or missing?
 Exterior water facets leaking?
 Ash/waste cans unsecured or need to be emptied?
 Missing hardware, latches, or panels on fences?
 Bulk items left in dumpster area?

You may need: pressure washing, re-painting, commercial building maintenance, minor soffit/fascia repairs, electrical repairs, mechanical repairs, asphalt repairs, and parking lot sweeping services.

Interior Building Maintenance Checklist 
Do any of these conditions exist?
 Dirty floors or carpets?
 Cracked or missing floor tiles?
 Baseboards dirty or banged up?
 Tripping hazards?
 Peeling, bubbling, or chipping paint on walls, doors, etc.?
 Holes, cracks or other damage to the walls?
 Damaged or missing ceiling tiles?
 Sprinklers dirty?
 Sprinklers not working or not tested/inspected?
 Mold, fungus, or mildew in the building?
 Plumbing issues – leaks, running toilets, dripping faucets, signs of stains or rot?
 Air conditioning issues – not cooling, dirty duct vents, dirty filters, not working properly?
 Wood Rot?
 Broken or burned out light fixtures?
  Receptacle/Switch covers missing or broken?
 Overloaded outlets?
 Broken outlets?
 Circuit breakers tripping frequently?
 Breaker box labels not in place? Cover not closed?
 Fire extinguishers missing? Charged? Tagged? Unobstructed?
 Fire exits marked and not blocked?
 Kitchen dirty - stove, exhaust fan, refrigerator, etc.
  Chemicals not labelled properly?
 Walkways not clear? Slip or trip hazards?
 Dirty bathrooms? Or is there trash accumulated?

You may need: commercial painting, interior maintenance, mechanical and electrical repairs, bulk debris removal, janitorial services, and porter services.

So, how’d you do? Were you pleasantly surprised, or horribly shocked? If the latter is true, have no fear, American Facility Services is here to help. AFS provides both interior and exterior commercial building services throughout the state of Florida.

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