Monday, March 10, 2014

Hydro Clean is Green Spring Cleaning

Spring officially begins on March 20th, but for Floridians, we’ve been enjoying spring-like weather for weeks.  If you don’t believe that statement, just ask anyone up North!
With spring come a lot of general maintenance tasks to freshen up local businesses. These tasks include everything from exterior painting, to bulk debris removal and taking care of some chores that may have slid by the wayside during the cooler Florida winter months, like cleaning your parking garage.

Are you Considering Having Your Parking Garage Cleaned?
Did you know the storm water system enters directly into our lakes, rivers and the oceans without being treated? Only rainwater should go into the storm water drain. One quart of oil can contaminate as must as 100,000 gallons of drinking water.

Looking for a Green Cleaning Solution?
Hydro-cleaning can be completed in an effective, efficient and environmentally safe way!  State-of-the-art equipment ensures that contaminates are eliminated and the process has received the EPA’s 100% approval.  What makes the hydro-cleaning process EPA approved is the ability to reclaim, eliminate, and recycle hazardous waste water run-off so that it does not enter into our storm system.  What’s an added benefit to hydro-cleaning? It can be done at any site!

What is Hydro-Cleaning?
You’ve probably heard the term pressure washing, well hydro-cleaning is a form of high pressure cleaning, but it’s unique because it’s green!
Hydro-cleaning removes dust, oil, and grease that can not only be tracked out of your parking garage and into your facility, but also can cause wear on your cement pavement.  But, what makes hydro-cleaning green is that it does not create water runoff like pressure washing. The water is actually recycled, cleaned, and reused again!

Watch the Hydro-Cleaning video!

How is it Done?
The equipment’s 360 degree turning radius allows the operator to move around any obstacle. The system has a high powered engine and an onboard vacuuming system for water reclamation. An operator can effectively clean a four foot path.

Underneath the cleaning deck unit are two belt driven rotary arms that rotate at 2800 rpms and 8 hydro jet nozzles rated at 4000 psi. Water is introduced to the cleaning surface at a maximum temperature of 220 degrees. While reclaiming the hazardous waste water and reducing water consumption by 80 percent, the process prevents wastewater run-off into the storm drains - which is environmentally safe.

Once the operator has performed the cleaning, contaminated water is transferred in less than 30 seconds from the hydro-cleaning equipment to treatment tanks. An additive is introduced to the contaminated water and agitated to separate the hazardous waste. The water is then filtered and recovered to be used again in the cleaning process.

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