Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Do You Need Day Porters?

Day porters perform invaluable, time-saving services and are an excellent way to control property maintenance costs.

Even as businesses look to streamline costs and expenses, they still understand and appreciate how important the aesthetic appearance of their commercial property is to visitors and clients. After all, their first impression of your facility resides within its appearance. Cutting corners in this arena is not possible, but saving money isn’t impossible.

Having a day porter assigned daily tasks during business hours help keep your building clean. An added benefit of having a day porter on site is that it allows you the comfort of knowing about and being able to respond to any maintenance problem that may occur. What may start out as a small repair can quickly escalate into a huge maintenance issue if gone unnoticed or unreported by staff. 

What do day porters do?
Day porters perform a multitude of tasks to keep your facility spotless, leaving you free to focus on your business and clients. A comprehensive porter service checklist can address the most common cleaning concerns; however, this checklist, of course, can be modified to meet the needs of your particular facility.

Some of the tasks day porters can perform include:
·         Small to Large Size Litter Removal
·         Oversized Debris Removal
·         Bulk Trash Removal
·         Dumpster Enclosure Cleaning
·         Trash Receptacle Cleaning
·         General Cleaning
o   Windowsill Dusting
o   Sidewalk Spills
o   Public Phones
o   Light Fixture Dusting
·         Outdoor Cobweb Cleaning
·         Window Cleaning
·         Storm/Hurricane Cleaning

Compliment Parking Lot Sweeping
High-touch commercial day porter services also compliment high-tech sweeping services, here’s how:  Day porters walk parking lots during the daytime hours to police areas for trash, scrape gum, remove cigarette butts from flower beds and wipe down trash cans. This helps keep your parking area clean in between sweeping services.

Whether you are a facilities manager for an apartment complex, office building, commercial and industrial complex, school or hospital, day porters just make sense. Many businesses have already outsourced day porter tasks to a commercial facilities maintenance company to avoid distracting staff members from their other duties.  Having this type of service can promote an atmosphere of professionalism and assist your business in performing these necessary services.

Performing exterior janitorial services and providing a wealth of beneficial services to offices, hotels, institutions and other facilities, day porter services are available on a flat hourly rate, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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