Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What You Do While in Transition - Is Who You Really Are

At some point in everyone's life, they go through a transition between jobs. What you do with that time is up to you and who you really are. Do you sleep late, hope the phone will ring with a great new career offer, or do you make use of the opportunity to better your life?

As a confessed work-a-holic, I enjoy keeping busy. Having recently left a marketing management position, I've been using my newly acquired free time to not only network and look for my next career opportunity, volunteer my marketing expertise and services to a local networking group (ProNet), do some contract work, work on my blogs, and also complete some projects for my never-ending home remodel. Bottom line, I can't sleep late, I can't just float in the pool all day, it's just not who I am.

As a confessed news-junkie, I take pride when my blogs are picked up by CNN and other big city papers. My blogs, http://kidnappedchildren.blogspot.com/ and http://solarknowledge.blogspot.com/ are self explanatory in their content and are regularly picked up. Recently my humor related blog, http://whateveryousaydear.blogspot.com/ has also been picked up by CNN for an article about "what not to say on a job interview". Thanks to Twitter-ers who picked it up and passed it around the world, that blog is now on the map as well.

Ever searching to learn new technology and marketing tricks and tips I decided to post on CNN's i-Report. After all, the category was right up my alley...DIY projects on the cheap. So, without further a due, here's what I did on my "summer vacation"...
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Maureen McHale is a Central Florida resident with over 13 years of traditional and internet marketing, public relations and business development experience. Having been employed in various industries from travel to high tech to solar energy her ability to translate her knowledge and skills into various environments makes Maureen McHale a highly successful marketing professional. For more information visit her LinkedIn profile at

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