Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holiday Remembrance Ornaments

Remembrance ornaments are an expression of comfort, condolence, honor, understanding, peace and healing.

These memorial ornaments are a wonderful way to remember a loved one. The name and memorial dates of a loved one can be featured,creating a truly unique keepsake to treasure.

A personalized remembrance ornament is an appropriate, touching keepsake. Families can make the holidays extra special by creating these unique memorial keepsakes.

Memorial Gift Ideas

Remembrance ornaments can be a comforting and thoughtful gift for those who have lost loved ones. A personalized ornament can be given as a memorial gift to remember a mother, father, child, grandparent, or special friend. They can be a simple token of appreciation given by a funeral home or hospice. They can also be offered in connection with funeral pre-planning or aftercare services or presented during a holiday remembrance program.

How to Create a Remembrance Ornament

New technology and software gives death care professionals the ability to create personalized memorial ornaments in-house, quickly and easily.

Using a delicate, hand-blown ornament tipped with 22k gold, a software template, adhesive decals, and a laser printer, death care professionals can create a special memorial keepsake for their client families.

Each holiday ornament can be quickly and easily personalized in-house with the name and dates of the deceased or any other text required. Once personalized, each ornament can be placed in it's individual gift box, which is included, for presentation to the family and safe keeping.

Keep a loved ones memory alive during the holidays with a memorial ornament. 

Holiday Remembrance Ornaments are a wonderful way to remember a loved one or even a beloved pet who has died. Frazer Consultants personalization software gives death care professionals the ability to quickly and easily, create in-house, a personalized holiday remembrance ornament. For more information, or to request a sample ornament, please visit or call 866-372-9372.

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