Monday, November 15, 2010

Unique Engagement Rings From Hair

An engagement ring symbolizes a couples unique relationship and commitment to each other. New technology allows for the creation of the most personal and unique diamond engagement ring by using locks of hair from the bride and groom.

Many couples prefer unique engagement rings because they are considered the best representation of the couple and their new life together. Gone from the norm are the plain bands and colorless solitary settings. Brides and grooms are moving towards non-conventional settings, cuts and even colors.

In light of this evolving trend, a scientific process that has been around since the fifties is coming to the forefront. This particular process can provide a really unique way to create a diamond that could forever change engagement diamonds. Using this methodology, not only can scientists create genuine diamonds up to two carats in size in a laboratory setting, but they can also alter the chemical composition to be able to create gems in almost any color. And finally, but possibly the most unique factor is that the diamond that is the result of this process originates from hair.

To start the process, when the bride and groom each get a haircut, they can send the trimmings to a diamond creation laboratory. The sample will then placed under high temperatures and high heat, replicating the natural growth cycle of an earth mined diamond. The only difference is the source of carbon. In nature, the carbon is taken from the earth, in a man made custom diamond lab, it's taken from the personal carbon source.

These hair diamonds can be grown to the engaged couple's exact specifications of color and size. When the growth phase is complete, the diamond can be cut, polished and mounted in a setting according to the couple's wishes.

In approximately 70 days, depending on the carat size desired, the hair has been completely converted to a genuine, flawless diamond. No two will be alike because they contain the essence of a couples love, together forever in a precious stone.

With the ability to create a diamond from hair, a whole new level of personalization has opened up affording couples the most unique of engagement rings.

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