Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leak Proofing Parts

Porosity problems cause castings, powder metal parts, plastics, ceramics and other porous substrates to leak through the body.  Production management is challenged to solve this problem due to increased production demands, soaring scrap costs as well as quality control.  Inherently, powdered metal parts have high percentages of voids.  After sintering and loss of the wax binders, impregnation improves the machinability of sintered parts. 

Porosity sealants are the solution to leak proofing of parts.  They offer improved machinability and surface quality for painting and plating.  The hardened resins exhibit superior chemical resistance and elevated temperature stability.

Using a porosity sealant, the microscopic voids in the parts where potential leaks occur are filled by the low viscosity resin and sealed permanently.  The parts leave the impregnating process without surface residue and can then be used in production.  

When used in preparation for plating or painting processes, the impregnation process also eliminates absorption of plating materials, like acids, or painting rep solvents, that could later bleed out of the pores causing finishes to discolor, blister, pit or peel.

Porosity sealants promote consistent, rather than intermittent, tool contact on the filled surfaces.  Less shock translates into greater tool life and better dimensional control on impregnated parts.

Porosity sealants also offer superior stability and predictability during the impregnation process.  Comparison to "classic" sealing materials like sodium silicate shows the clear performance superiority of porosity sealing impregnation.  Full and complete sealing, without limitations, is the norm.

HERNON Manufacturing has been committed to delivering world class adhesive, sealant, and impregnation solutions along with precision dispensing systems for nearly four decades.  A long-time member of Central Florida’s industrial manufacturing community, HERNON offers strong brands and technologies, all made in the United States, for a diverse range of industries including:  Energy/Power Generation, Medical, Electronics, Electrical, Automotive, Appliances, Sporting Goods, Ammunition, Communications, Aerospace, Aviation, High Tech Audio, Defense, Fire Suppression, Transportation, and Marine. HERNON Manufacturing is proud to be an ISO-9001 registered company whose products meet or exceed Mil-Specs.  HERNON Manufacturing has been recognized as a top company in Orlando and is listed in the Orlando Business Journal’s 2011 Book of Lists.

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