Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travel Agent Jobs

Getting travel agent job isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, all of the top paid travel agents have basically followed the same path. They've taken the time to learn about the travel industry, destinations and have either set up their own home business, work with a host agency or have been hired on at a brick and mortar storefront.

Travel Agent Job Description
As a travel agent, you are going to have a range of different responsibilities. Even though there are “responsibilities”, the average day as a travel agent can be filled with talk of travel plans to distant places and often you can get caught up in the excitement of your clients vacation planning. Let's face it, it runs circles around most other 9 to 5 jobs.

Here are some normal day-to-day tasks in your travel agent job:
• Consult with clients. Determine their desired travel dates, destinations, preferred transportation method (plane, cruise, tour) and financial situation.
• Calculate totals for all travel fares, accommodations and any supplements.
• Make reservations with desired hotels and book dates of departure and return with chosen transportation companies.
• Create attractive travel itineraries and tour packages for clients.
• Be aware of and offer promotional travel incentives and unadvertised discounts.
• Brief your clients on information related to their chosen destination, such as vaccination requirements, local customs, weather conditions and points of interest.
• Remain in contact with client up to the departure date to answer any relevant questions and to give updates.

Independent Travel Agent Jobs
Travel agent work performed at home is becoming more prevalent with the growth of the internet. Now, more than ever, travel agents can work from the comfort of their home and still deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Independent travel agent jobs differ from the typical travel agent working in an office because although you still work with an established agency, tour operator, or reservation office, this opportunity give you the freedom to work when and where you want to.

Traditional travel agent jobs dictate that the travel agents work in the office very day. When you work from home, “home” can be anywhere… whether it's in a condo overlooking the ocean or at your favorite coffee shop.

To get started on the right foot in an home based job as a independent travel agent, it's important to sign up with the right host agency so that you'll receive all the tips, tools and training you need to be successful.

About Global Travel International
Global Travel International, (GTI) is one of the nations' largest travel agencies. GTI is a debt-free company with more than 17 years success. GTI provides top level travel agent training and support and has helped over 37,000 people become independent travel agents and begin to achieve their goals. Global Travel's agents receive huge travel discounts and commissions on travel bookings. Whether you're looking for a great home based business opportunity part-time, a full-time career or are just looking to save on travel, consider benefiting from the travel agent lifestyle other GTI independent travel agents already enjoy. Learn more about GTI at http://globaltravel.com or call 866-374-9029.

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