Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel Tips to Save Money

Who doesn't like to save money on travel? Let's face it, getting a discount feels good. Plus, when you've dreamed of the perfect vacation for what seems like years, and the time finally arrives for you to depart, no one wants to have to worry about whether that dream trip will be putting you in debt or that you simply can't go all out and have a great time because you can't afford little luxuries while on vacation.

Here are a few tips we've put together to help you relax and enjoy your holiday in England and save money as well.

Great Britain: Save With Sightseeing Passes Or Memberships

Sightseeing passes or memberships shave the high price of visiting castles, gardens, and historic houses. Some, including the Great British Heritage pass and the English Heritage’s Overseas Visitor pass, are for specific amounts of time from a week to a month. The National Trust’s pass must be purchased before your trip. If you’ll be spending time in Scotland, be sure to look into the Historic Scotland’s Explorer Pass or the National Trust for Scotland’s Discovery Ticket. Once you have the information about these and other discounts; match what the pass or membership offers against your itinerary to see if you’ll save money.

London: Buy An Oyster Card Or Travelcard For The Underground And Buses

To save money and get discounted fares, purchase an electronic Oyster card at a Tube station for 3 pounds, charge it with a cash value, and use it on the Tube or on buses around the city. You reload it with money as needed. Another option is a Travelcard, sold for a specific number of days (even one day) of travel and good for buses and for specific zones in the Tube system. Buses are a good way of seeing the town, particularly if you plan to hop on and off to cover many sights—but don’t take a bus if you are in a hurry.

It also never hurts to stop by the tourist office when you arrive at your destination. These tourist boards can provide maps, brochures, and other helpful resources. Staffers can answer any lingering questions you have about getting around, tours, places to eat, and the like. Plus, many tourist boards have discount passes, coupon books, or other package deals good for several or possibly even all the main attractions.

Huge Travel Discounts and Commissions

Home based travel agents have a leg up on others. They've discovered how to slash their travel costs and earn travel commissions on their travel and the travel of others.

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