Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Become a Work at Home Travel Agent

Legitimate work from home jobs like home based agents are more popular today than brick-and-mortar travel agencies. No more are companies renting space to sell travel, now they are renting server space to host their websites that they sell to people who want to own their own travel agencies.

Just like everything else, travel has moved online. However, not everyone wants to book their own travel. There are people that still look for and prefer to have a travel agent, someone they depend on as ‘the expert' to guide them in their next family vacation destination. In these cases, travel agents are necessary.

Thanks to the internet, anyone who wants to become a travel agent from home can do so with ease. Companies, such as Global Travel International (GTI), provide their independent travel agents with a clear path to a successful home based business opportunity.

Getting started online as a home based travel agent is easy too. All you need to do is join GTI. GTI teaches its agents step-by-step how to become a travel agent. GTI's independent travel agents have access to unparalleled training opportunities designed to maximize knowledge, skill, profits and membership benefits.

Not only does GTI provide the training necessary to kick start home based agent’s careers, they provide the tools to do so as well. At no additional cost, included in your annual fee, is a complete private labeled consumer website that includes GTI's online booking capabilities tracked back to you for commission payment. Simply direct potential travelers to your website and Global Travel does all the work completing the bookings, handling the paperwork and reports, collecting payments and commissions.

Having your own online booking engine will allow you to have more control with your business versus working as an employee for a travel company. With each yearly renewal, you'll receive: website updates and maintenance, additional training opportunities, home office support, sales and commission tracking and more.

About Global Travel International

Global Travel International, (GTI) is one of the nations' largest travel agencies. GTI is a debt-free company with more than 17 years success. GTI provides top level travel agent training and support and has helped over 37,000 people become independent travel agents and begin to achieve their goals. Global Travel's agents receive huge travel discounts and commissions on travel bookings. Whether you're looking for a great home based business opportunity part-time, a full-time career or are just looking to save on travel, consider benefiting from the travel agent lifestyle other GTI independent travel agents already enjoy. Learn more about GTI at or call 866-374-9029.

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