Friday, September 2, 2011

Anaerobic Pipe Sealants for Sprinkler Systems

Anaerobic pipe sealants/adhesives are superior to other sealing methods. They contain no solvents and do not shrink, stretch, split, rot, distort, wear-our, or relax and joints never loosen under vibration. Pressure cycling does not weaken or loosen the sealant path.

Because the sealant path is formed when parts are made-up, that is, threaded together, the plastic shim formed during cure is truly a "custom" seal. Sealant not forced out cures to a helical path in the thread roots to form an exacting match of the surface irregularities. The shim mirrors and fills all the voids, scratches, and thread nicks preset in even the best-machined straight or pipe threads. Unlike Teflon tape, any non-confined or excess sealant material does not cure and pose the threat presented by shredded tape fouling valves or circuit elements.

Solutions for Fire Sprinkler Systems

HERNON's line of Dripstop sealants are engineered with many advantages over conventional pipe dopes. These materials harden without shrinkage in the joints creating a tough, insoluble, vibration proof seal that will not leak even if threads are damaged.

This line of threaded component sealants include a grade specifically designed for hydraulic components as well as various strengths for differing sizes and substrates. These anaerobic-cure sealants have been designed for permanent or semi-permanent applications.

Dripstop sealants are 100% active containing no solvents to evaporate. They do not shred like tape dope and are not subject to cold flow, pressure and temperature phenomena like non-hardening dopes.

Dispensing Equipment for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Hernon’s Autosealers are a line of dispensers specifically for applying pipe or flange sealants. These semi-automatic, fully pneumatic and portable pipe thread sealant dispensing systems are very easy to use and flexible too. They are able to handle pipe diameters of 1/8″,1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″. The Autosealer dispensers also reduce product waste due to their precision dispensing.

About Hernon Manufacturing

Hernon manufactures over 400 grades of high performance military and industrial grade adhesives, sealants, coatings and related equipment. Hernon’s products are being used successfully in many demanding industries such as: aerospace, automotive, fire suppression and marine. Hernon also provides many solutions in diverse applications such as: ammunition, appliance, audio, custom jewelry, toys, defense, electrical, electronics, heavy vehicle and weapons. Whether your application calls for adhesives, sealants, or dispensing equipment, consider Hernon Manufacturing for your direct purchasing needs.

For more information, visit their website at or call 800-527-0004.

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