Monday, September 5, 2011

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Curing Adhesives

Ultraviolet (UV) light curing adhesives, also known as light curing materials (LCM), have become popular with manufacturers due to their rapid curing time and strong bond strength. UV adhesives can cure in as little as a second and many formulations can bond different materials and withstand harsh temperatures. These qualities make UV curing adhesives essential to the manufacturing of items in many industrial markets such as electronics, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, glass, and optical. Unlike traditional adhesives, UV light curing adhesives not only bond materials together but they can also be used to seal and coat products and are generally acrylic based.

Ultrabond UV Curing Adhesives

HERNON offers a complete line of ultraviolet curing adhesives and compounds, the Ultrabond line of products. These products are single component systems offering either ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light & primer initiated curing mechanisms. All Ultrabond products cure upon exposure to UV radiation.

UV Curing Equipment

The Hernon UltraSpot 1000 is a high intensity 200-watt ultraviolet light wand/spot curing system for ultraviolet light cure adhesives and coatings. The advanced PLC control system allows the user to determine the proper cure time in manual mode then convert the resulting time to automatic mode. The PLC includes external control circuits for incorporation into an external control or response system. The UltraSpot 1000 features a bulb-life saving system to automatically shut down the system when left attended.

Also available from Hernon Manufacturing is the UltraSpot 500 which consists of a high intensity, 100 watt UV wand curing system, a 100% solid-state shutter timer and a foot switch for ease of use.

For a higher wattage unit, the Ultracure 2000 features a 2,800 watt, 500 wpi, electrodeless, microwave powered UV irradiator. This UV curing piece of equipment is manufactured by Hernon and can be used alone or in conjunction with the Ultra-Conveyor 1000.

Hernon Manufacturing offers over 5,000 formulations and more than 300 products to meet virtually any industrial need. Whether your application calls for adhesives, sealants, or dispensing equipment, consider Hernon Manufacturing for your direct purchasing needs.

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