Friday, May 18, 2012

Video Tributes Honor the Deceased and Comfort the Grieving

The photographs taken of a person over a lifetime can provide a heartwarming pictorial biography and are often displayed during viewing and funeral services.

A video tribute offers the same visual experience and so much more. Set to the family's choice of music and imagery, DVD video tributes tell the story of a departed loved on in an elegant presentation that celebrates an ended life and comforts those left behind.

Beholding images of a beloved family member or friend has been proven to have pain-reducing effects. In much the same way, the display of photographs of a recently deceased love one during viewing and/or funeral services provides comfort to grieving friends as they share memories to celebrate the life of the departed. A DVD video tribute complete transforms this experience with an individualized and moving presentation that can be reproduced for anyone whose life was touched by the deceased.

Using the video tribute software is simple and funeral home professionals will find it easy to make world class videos for grateful client families. There are just 3 steps in the entire process: import, edit and burn the DVD. In fact, the most difficult step may be collecting photos from families who request a video tribute yet are overwrought with grief and slow to collect the content.

At this point in the process, client families will need to make the music selection, choosing their own or using one of many funeral songs and instrumental tunes available through an online library. The scenic background, or theme, is selected with hundreds to choose from. The theme selected will set the tone for all of the funeral stationery as well as the tribute video. The DVD video tribute is not only limited to photographs, but can include video clips as well. The family can provide home movies or a tribute video clip can be selected from another online library that houses more than a hundred of clips from moving waterfalls, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, farming and forests, to name a few.

Once the video and static images are provided by the client families, the high speed scanning technology will allow your funeral home to scan one photo every two seconds. Import the files and begin editing, which is far less daunting than it sounds. You can easily add professional motion effects and arrange them so each image comes to life. The video tribute software automatically sets transitions and syncs music. Now the DVD is burned and the file can be uploaded to the funeral homes website.

Just as each life is unique, each video tribute uniquely pays homage in a beautiful presentation that is easy to create and duplicate.

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