Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Porter Services Help Facility Managers

While facility managers have traditionally faced a trade-off between great service and affordable pricing, there is a competitively priced, professionally run, day porter service available in Florida – you just need to know where to look!

Bringing an innovative approach to helping facility managers, American Facility Services (AFS) offers a wide variety of affordable and exceptional porter services including:

Litter Removal
Our Facility Cleaning Techs (FCT) inspect all common areas removing large to small debris.

Oversized Debris Removal
When oversized debris is located on property it usually requires a trailer to haul the debris away to a local waste disposal facility.

Bulk Trash Removal
This type of bulk trash removal typically requires a roll off dumpster or dump truck due to the excessive amounts of trash left behind the building. Our FCT can quickly remove the debris so that it can safely be hauled away.

Dumpster Enclosure Cleaning
The area where a dumpster is placed is usually out of site but often requires cleaning due to the lack frequency in which the dumpster is picked up.

Trash Receptacle Cleaning
The interior cleaning of trash receptacles is required to reduce unpleasant orders. The exterior areas are typically wiped down on a weekly or as need basis to keep them well maintained.

General Cleaning
Depending on the facility being cleaned, our FCT’s will work with facility managers to will determine the scope of work. Some areas of general cleaning include: windowsill and light fixture dusting, and cleaning up sidewalk spills and public phone areas. Also, cobweb cleaning can be done on a weekly or as needed basis to remove any build-up of insects and webbing underneath the storefront sidewalk canopies.

Window Cleaning
AFS Professional window cleaners get glass clean by using a sponge or wand to apply a cleaning solution. As they wipe the glass, an enormous amount of the dirt is actually transferred to the sponge. The solution is usually just a mixture of water and a mild soap de- greasing agent. AFS uses squeegees to remove the solution that is left on the glass. The soap in the solution lubricates the glass surface allowing the squeegee to glide across the glass.

Storm/Hurricane leaning
AFS has the resources to conduct pre-storm preparations and post-storm cleaning ups.
Whether you’re looking for an integrated facility management program or a single service, such as porter services, AFS will help you by doing what we do best – providing exceptional commercial building services at a competitive price.

About American Facility Services

Providing both interior and exterior commercial building services throughout the state of Florida since 1993, American Facility Services (AFS) has built a solid reputation based on safety, quality and customer service. With offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, AFS offers a wide range of including: pressure washing, facility maintenance, commercial painting, sealcoating, asphalt repair, janitorial services, porter services, bulk debris removal and more. AFS provides a complete range of services, so our clients have the convenience of working with a single provider for all their commercial property maintenance needs. Contact AFS today at 866-793-3735 or visit our website at for an online proposal.

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