Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Installing a Solar Pool Heater During Pool Construction

Are you a Central Florida homeowner thinking of having a new pool installed? It's a great investment and can bring years of enjoyment to you and your family. Plus, the mild climate here in Orlando enables residents to enjoy swimming three or four months out of the year in water that's at least eighty degrees. Those looking to extend their swim season can easily add a solar pool heater during or after construction that will keep you swimming in a warm, comfortable pool for the next 20 to 30 years.

Often pool builders, looking to diversify their business and/or make more money per sale, will offer other options like solar pool heaters, variable or two speed pumps, DE or cartridge filters and the list goes on. While it seems like a solar pool heater is a natural fit for your pool builder to provide, it's actually better to buy direct from a solar pool heating contractor instead, and here's why:

1) Getting the Best Product - Often a pool builder will only offer the cheapest solar pool heater on the market, because that's the only product he can get. Solar pool heating contractors, that have been in business for decades in the Central Florida area, have partnered with manufacturers as distributors and have locked up the supply channels.

The low quality product the pool builder will install won't come at a lower cost. In fact, the retail mark-up, your final price, will be substantial in comparison to the quality of the product. Additionally, pool builders who are installing their own solar pool heaters are not typically licensed to do roof work, yet they'll be penetrating your roof to install the heating system -- roof damage, leaks, and other issues are just waiting to happen.

2) Avoiding the Middleman - Even though you think your pool builder will be installing your solar pool heater, frequently they use a subcontractor for the installation. The subcontractor is typically another local company who specializes in solar pool heaters. Padding the price of your heater enables your pool builder to cover his cost for the subcontractor and still enable him to make a profit on your installation. Savvy homeowners who understand this principle will contract with the pool builder only to build their pool and a solar pool heating contractor to install their heater. It only makes sense to cut out the middleman and go directly to the expert, the actual installer.

3) Warranty and Repair - Should something go wrong with your solar pool heater once it's installed - who do you call? The pool builder will refer you to either his sub-contractor or the manufacturer, basically washing his hands of the problem once your check clears.

Buy Direct and Save
Buying your solar pool heater directly from a certified, professional contractor just makes cents and sense! Not only will you save $500-$1500 on the installation, you get a quality product and you avoid the middleman,and the finger-pointing for any warranty or repair issues.

Central Florida Solar is owned and operated by Bill Park. As one of Central Florida's solar industry's true veterans, Bill has over 28 years of experience in solar energy systems design and installation. He has completed the Florida Solar Energy Center's photovoltaic system design program and he holds State of Florida solar contractor license #CVC 056645. Central Florida Solar sells, installs and services solar energy systems for water heating, pool heating and solar electric power servinggreater Orlando including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, and Sumter Counties - including The Villages. For more information, or to get a free solar quote, contact Central Florida Solar at 407-76SOLAR (407-767-6527) or visit their website at http://cflsolar.com.

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