Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keeping the Funeral Industry Ahead of the Technology Curve

Many funeral directors will admit, the funeral industry has changed. Traditional, somber funerals are stepping aside for more personalized funeral services that make for a more fitting farewell.

McAlister-Smith Funeral Home is a funeral home that began on the peninsula of Charleston, SC back in 1886. Mark Smith of McAlister-Smith Funeral Home had this to say about the funeral industry:

“The market place we serve is definitely not the market place that I entered back in 1993.We have seen the increase in the families looking to personalize and make the funeral services or memorial services or whatever event it is that they are having much more highly engaged and personalized whether it be through utilizing catering events, floral tributes, video tributes, any type of written personalized stationery tributes as part of the memorialization and ritualization process.”

Frazer Consultants is a personalization, technology and consulting company for the death care profession. Thousands of funeral professionals rely on the company’s Tribute Center software every day for customized funeral stationery, tribute videos and funeral webcasting. It's our focus to provide world renowned solutions that help funeral home client families' better honor, celebrate, remember, and tell the life story – both easily and affordably.

Kathy Sweeney of McAlister-Smith had this to say about how Frazer Consultants Tribute Center funeral software:

“My job is to step apart from the day to day and look at the way we do business and see if we can’t find more efficient ways to deliver a superior product. What we did was it came down to analyzing it at a per funeral cost and that was impressive to him that we could reduce our inventory and our stocking levels. That they would always be fresh that I wouldn’t discover that I had over ordered on something that nobody else was ever going to use. What sold me was the type of things our administrative assistants, the people in the trenches, face everyday.”

Tribute Center Helps Business Achieve Goals

Smith continued, “At the end of the day, McAlister-Smith felt that there was much more value that we could get the end user, that being the customer, a highly customized product, unique and fitting to their loved one that they were remembering and allowing us to achieve the margin that we needed to achieve with those products and offerings thus making it a triple win, great for Frazer Consultants, great for McAlister-Smith, but most importantly great for the customer.

We are so very thankful to have the opportunity to partner with Frazer Consultants and we thank you for helping us serve our families better as we honor, celebrate and remember the lives we have the opportunity to serve through our funeral home. Thank you to Frazer Consultants.”

Watch Mr. Smith and Ms. Sweeney’s video testimonial:

Frazer Consultants primary products and services include inactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, funeral register books, funeral stationery, and funeral keepsakes that include their award winning Life Journey Candle and Holiday Remembrance Ornaments. It is their focus to provide world renowned solutions that help funeral home client families’ better honor, celebrate and tell a person’s life story.

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