Monday, July 1, 2013

Common Mistakes Made in Credit Union Newsletters

A credit union newsletter is an important part of your marketing strategy. But are you getting the most out of yours? Watch out for these common mistakes that can derail your credit union marketing goals.

Focusing on the Sell While your bottom line is important, members don’t want to feel like they are constantly being “sold” products and services – especially when they pick up your credit union newsletter. People expect publications such as newsletters to inform, educate, advise and offer something of value. Engage and inspire your audience with topics that are relevant to them – home improvement tips, scams to watch out for, how to save money, financial news – then pair these articles with promotions for services you offer to have even more credit union marketing success.

Straying from Your Brand Don’t think of your credit union newsletter as separate from your other marketing pieces. Stick with your brand throughout. While you may be focusing the content of your articles on financial news and tips, rather than outright “selling” your services, the overall look and feel of your credit union newsletter should still reflect your brand. Remember, your brand is not just the colors or design you use, but also the promises you make and the mission statement you follow. Show how you are living up to those promises and the steps you are taking to further your mission in the articles featured in your credit union newsletter.

Missing the Connection As a credit union marketer, you know how important it is to reach your members in a way they can understand. Avoid using technical terms and financial “lingo” in your credit union newsletter so members don’t feel confused and alienated. Explain financial terms and what they mean to members’ finances. Use language that someone without a background in finances would be able to understand.

Forgetting About Compliance Even though your credit union newsletter isn’t just focused on promoting products and services, you still need to meet compliance standards when you do mention an offer, just as you would for a traditional ad. In addition, remember that when you publish your newsletter online it becomes open to public viewing – and therefore is no longer “for members only.” Once a newsletter becomes available to the public, new regulations may apply, so check with your compliance team.
Produce your newsletter on a consistent basis, avoid these common mistakes and see what a difference a good credit union newsletter can make for your marketing goals.

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