Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Use Your Bank Brochures in Marketing for Banks

As one of the most traditional forms of bank marketing, everyone knows that the point of a bank brochure is to offer more information about a product or service. But what you may not know is that how you use your bank brochures is just as important as having readable content and an eye-catching design. Check out four ways to use your brochures for greater bank marketing success.

Point-of-Sale When a customer opens a new account or starts a new service, a bank brochure should be given to them to explain the product/service they just signed up for. While you will explain the product/service to the customer when they are there, having a brochure to take home is a useful reference when they have questions or need to review what they’ve signed up for.

Response Response brochures should be sent to customers who request more information about one of your bank’s specific products or services. As a bank marketing piece, these brochures can have an impact on whether or not interested customers choose a product/service from your bank. Provide information related to the inquiry, along with other relevant information and instructions on how to get more information or how to sign up for the product or service.

Direct Marketing A direct marketing bank brochure can be sent out as part of a direct mail campaign to provide information and motivate recipients to request more information or sign up for a product or service at your bank. Be sure to match the design and feel of your other direct mail pieces in the campaign, even if that means ordering new brochures. These brochures can be targeted to a certain demographic using a specific mail list or can be sent to an entire neighborhood, depending on your bank marketing goals.

Account Management Support When your account managers are working with prospects to turn them into customers, a bank brochure is a useful tool to have on hand. This type of brochure should provide general information on your bank’s products and services as well as information that has been discussed in conversations with the customer and the account manager’s business card.
Brochures are a staple of bank marketing practices because they are convenient and can be used to promote just about anything. Provide your bank brochures to customers at the right times and tailor your content for each situation to improve the impact they have on your marketing goals.

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