Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Does Your Air Conditioner Work in Arizona?

In Arizona, most air conditioners are firmly attached to your home in some way. However, air conditioners are really an appliance and not a permanent fixture of your home. In fact, it's more like another well used major appliance in your home, your refrigerator. Actually, there's not much difference between the two mechanically. Instead of making a refrigerator compartment cold, an air conditioner makes an entire room or household cool. Both a refrigerator and an air conditioner do the same thing to cool your food and to cool you - they both remove the heat.

Your homes air conditioner has two separate components, the condenser unit and the evaporator coil. The condenser will usually be located outside of your house on a concrete slab. The evaporator will usually be mounted in the main duct junction.

In most homes, their central air conditioning system will be connected to a home's forced-air distribution system. Using the same motor, blower and ductwork, heat and cool air can be distributed throughout the house.

When turned on, central air conditioners move hot air inside the home through the return-air duct. A blower moves this hot air across the cold evaporator coil in the main unit and the cooled air is returned to the house through the duct system.

Because both the condenser and the evaporator coil are sealed units, a professional air conditioner repairman should be called for any repair issues. Additionally, to keep your homes air conditioner running smoothly throughout the hot Arizona summer, you should maintain regular maintenance service check-ups.
It is much cheaper to regularly maintain your air conditioner than to have to have emergency air conditioner repair service. Even though your homes air conditioner is a very tough piece of equipment that has been engineered to withstand all sorts of abuse, it still needs proper care. Without regular maintenance, just like your automobile, small issues can turn into huge repair bills. So, don't be complacent about maintenance, or you'll pay for it later on down the road.

Regular tune-ups help your air conditioner run properly. Without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. A tune-up will help maintain up to 95% of your air conditioners original efficiency. This can save you on costly repair bills, monthly electric bills and the headache of dealing with an emergency air conditioning repair.

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