Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keeping Your East Valley Home Cool

Air conditioner repair service companies in the East Valley recommend that you have your unit inspected and serviced by a professional at least once a year and many offer service contracts which cover seasonal inspections. These professional maintenance services go hand in hand with the routine maintenance homeowners should be performing on a regular basis on their air conditioner unit.
Keeping your A/C running effectively during those hot East Valley summer months is key to keeping your family happy and comfortable. Here are a few tips to making your A/C work properly and efficiently:

Regulating the Temperature
It is often quoted that 78 - 80° is the acceptable temperature for all-round comfort, but it is not necessary to adhere to this figure. If is found that 80° in summer and 68° in winter is comfortable for the person paying the power bill and the rest just have to make due, or take over responsibility of the power bill and set the thermostat wherever your heart desires! But, keep in mind, you can save considerably on the amount of energy consumed for each degree of cooling or heating that you do without.

Shading Your A/C Condenser Unit
Another thing you might try to do to help your A/C work better and keep up with the heat is to try to shade the condenser coils of your A/C unit. With central A/C , the condenser coils are in that big box that’s outside your house with the large fan in it. The condensers fan blows out the warm air from your home and cools the coils that bring in the cool air. Window awnings or a shade tree are good long-term shade solutions, but if you need something immediate then try a temporary structure. By shading those coils, you can help your AC stay cool so it doesn’t need to work as hard to keep up with the heat. However, be careful not to allow anything to fall inside the unit or block the air flow to the condenser coils. You should keep a 24 inch parameter clear around your outdoor A/C unit, including above it.

Cover Your Windows
Many people over look the sunlight coming in through your windows as a heat source. But, this bright light can heat up your house like a magnifying glass burning a leaf. All your windows, especially windows facing the sun or that get direct light, should have blinds, shades or curtains which can block out the sunlight and the heat. If you have sheer or fairly light curtains or window treatments then you should consider adding light-blocking roll-up shades or opaque blinds to keep out the heat and light. You can easily make a room much cooler in just a few minutes by blocking out the sun.

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