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Routine A/C Maintenance for East Valley Residents

When the temperature rises in the East Valley of Arizona, it's time to think about routine maintenance for your A/C unit.  It's not always necessary to call an air conditioner repairman, there are some simple maintenance tasks you can handle yourself.  To help you correctly perform these routine maintenance chores yourself, we have prepared a simple checklist to walk you through this process.

Before we get started, as with any electrical appliance--remember to disconnect all power to your air conditioning unit before you remove the access panels to perform routine maintenance.  Be aware that there may be more than one connection that you must disable.  If you are unsure, please consult with a professional A/C service company before proceeding.

Do-It-Yourself A/C Maintenance Checklist
•    Check and change your air filters every month.  A dirty filter will make your air conditioner work harder and costs you more money on your utility bill.
•    Your indoor coil should be dusted on a regular basis. Use the soft-brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner to accomplish this task and make sure the coil is dry before you start.
•    Make sure your outdoor condensing unit is free of any debris--keep grass clippings, leaves, plants, and other items away from your unit. Also, you should occasionally check the base pan which is located under the unit and remove any debris that has collected.
•    While outside, be sure the support for your outdoor unit has not settled and caused your unit to become unlevel.  This condensing unit must remain level to keep moisture properly draining out.
•    Is your air handler or heater in the attic?  If so, you'll want to make sure this unit has proper drainage or major water damage may occur.  As an air conditioner cools, it produces condensation.  If this water is unable to drain to the outside of your home, a secondary pan catches the water and releases it outside.  Whenever the secondary drain has water coming out of it, it's definitely time for a professional air conditioner service to come check out your primary drain, as it's probably backed up.  While a secondary drain can temporarily prevent water from damaging your home, if left unchecked expensive damage can occur.
Between regularly scheduled maintenance service calls with an East Valley AC repair company, you can help keep your A/C running properly by performing these simple tasks.  Doing so will help save you from expensive repair bills and high electric bills as well.
If you're still finding that your electric bills are too high, one thing you should keep an eye on is the temperature you set your air conditioner.  Often, 78 to 80 degrees is the acceptable temperature for all-round comfort, but it's not necessary to adhere to this figure.  Some people are comfortable with higher or lower temperatures depending on the season; however, keep in mind that you can save a considerable amount of energy consumed for each degree of cooling or heating that you do without.  This can translate into a lot of money on those sweltering East Valley summer days.

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