Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Find a Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Caring for a commercial facility is a big job. Your building's exterior is your customer's first impression . Even the most attractive of buildings can be spoiled by a dirty sidewalk, stained and mildew ridden exterior. An grimy dumpster area may lead a potential customer to wonder if it's dirty inside your building as well. The presence of graffiti may make your customer leery of their safety in your area. Therefore, exterior maintenance is fundamental to the survival of a business in this competitive day and age. Pressure washing is a quick and thorough way to clean your exterior surfaces.

Pressure washing is best left to the professionals. An unqualified or uninsured contractor can cause more damage than good, including pitted concrete, and misdirected waste water. Worse yet, often these damages are very expensive to correct.

Commercial facility owners and managers can decrease the chance of being subject to poor workmanship, uninsured damages and costly repair bills caused by unskilled laborers or fly-by-night companies, by choosing the right pressure washing company.
Selecting the best pressure washing company may not be as easy as it sounds. Your job may be too big for the small time handyman, or too small for the larger services. So, you'll want to ask some important questions of your pressure washing service to make sure you have found the right fit.

1) Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Ask around! Surely there are other facility management people you know. Who do they use? Are they happy?

2) Set an appointment with your potential pressure washing company. They should be willing to come to your site and give you an estimate, in writing. Being present during their inspection of your facility ensures you both are on the same page as to the work required.

3) Ask if the pressure washing company is bonded and has liability coverage. This type of coverage will cover any damage or injuries that may occur. It's a must have.

4) Check references. If you have found a pressuring washing company through another means, other than word of mouth, it's a good idea to check any references they can provide.

5) Determine the best value. After receiving bids from several pressure washing contractors, decide which company offers the best value. It's not always the lowest bid that will win the job. Sometimes you need to trust your gut too. Can you trust this contractor? Do you like him? Do you believe he will provide you with the best service?

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