Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perfect Locations for an Ice Cream Business

The old adage about “location, location, location” is true; the success of your ice cream business is very dependent on choosing the right location.

It’s all about the location
When considering a location for an ice cream business, plan on finding a place that:
  • Is convenient to your customers. People enjoy strolling to their local ice cream shop and getting a scoop of their favorite flavor. Your ice cream business should be conveniently located in a spot that gets lots of foot traffic.
  • Is close to restaurants. Folks enjoy finishing up their meal and then stopping by to get an ice cream cone. Having an ice cream business that is clearly visible from other dining locations is a big plus.
  • Has outdoor seating. While not mandatory, having an area outside where patrons can enjoy their frozen treat is a great attraction for your ice cream business.
If you are thinking about opening up an ice cream business, you are making a great choice for yourself and your family. Last year, Americans spent over $21 billion dollars on frozen desserts! Starting an ice cream business is a sound choice for someone wanting to go into business for themselves and with the right location and a good ice cream business plan, you will be well on your way to recession-proof success.

Create a Ice Cream Business Plan

One of the ways that you can both choose the best location and create a blue-print for reaching the highest potential of your ice cream business is to have a great business plan. Don’t panic! Creating a great ice cream business plan isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Yes, you need tons of industry research that will allow you to analyze the financial future of your business and yes, you need a strategy that outlines how your ice cream business will reach its goals but you don’t have to do it from scratch!

You can purchase a very affordable ice cream business plan template that can be easily and quickly customized to your needs. All of that time consuming research and market analysis is already done for you. With a customizable ice cream business plan, the hours of research and proper formatting is done for you but you get to reap the benefits.

A solid ice cream business plan is tailored to your unique business and will show you:
  • The best way to market your ice cream business
  • How to be better than the competition
  • How to minimize the risk and maximize the success of your ice cream business.
  • How to much revenue you can expect right away and in the years to come. in the first year, the second year, and so on.

Starting an ice cream shop without a solid business plan is like taking a trip without a GPS. Did you know that 50% of all small business fail within the first year. Why take the risk of being part of those statistics?

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