Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Selecting a Commercial Painting Company

Commercial painting companies know that the appearance of your business is important to you and your clients. It’s critical to entrust the task of maintaining and enhancing the look of your commercial property to capable hands.

Commercial painting almost always requires professional assistance and maintenance because of the scale and nature of the task at hand. When it comes to tackling commercial painting projects, commercial painting contractors are needed to get the job done right.

Commercial painting contractors use a variety of methods to coat surfaces with paint. Unlike home painters, there are many more ways to lay down a layer of paint than just by applying it by a roller or a brush. Additionally, the surfaces of industrial facilities that need paint tend to require a lot more thorough preparation.

Surface Preparation
Preparation is usually the key to proper long lasting paint applications. If the surfaces to be painted have not had paint applied previously, then the process is somewhat easier. If a previous coat exists, then its removal is usually required, and this in itself is a skill that needs an expert touch.

Depending on the type of surface to be painted it can be prepared by using ultra high pressure water jets or abrasive preparation.
Pressure washing has both a washing and a blasting effect, which can remove grit and dust as well as any other loose particles. Pressure washing leaves a surface cleaner than any of the other methods of preparation. It can be used in all weathers and it has no adverse environmental effects.

Abrasive preparation can be dry, wet, or a combination of wet and dry. In this way rust, grit, dust and chemicals can easily be removed to leave a clean surface ready for the paint application.

Paint Application Methods
For metal surfaces that will be powder coated, it is necessary for the surface to be treated to be electrically conductive. Coil coating, also known as roll coating is another way to apply a coat of paint using a high speed method. Spray coating is more common of an application and is used extensively by commercial painting contractors.

Industrial painting contractors have to keep on top of all the latest developments. They need to be versatile and flexible, being able to offer a wide range of preparation processes, as well as a wide range of coating techniques and methods.
A custom painting project will beautify your Florida facility and transform your vision into a reality. Having a commercial painting project done on time and budget are important. Finding skilled commercial painters who are able to work 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift to help minimize the disruption in your office building or facility is also necessary. Commercial painters should be able to paint only a section of your building at a time, in a careful, efficient, safe, and professional manner, so that the remainder of your building can continue operating as usual.

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