Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Help Your Child Become a Singer

Since a child could talk, he or she has been belting out lyrics to popular songs on the radio. Does that sound familiar? Maybe like you’re child? Perhaps your child is a bit older and has expressed an interest to become a rich and famous chart topping singer? So, how do you help them achieve their goal, or help them discover if a singing career is really for them?

First, your child must learn how to sing. Obviously, this is the foundation of any career as a singer. While there are some performers that are indeed making a career more out of their performing, than their singing, most great singers have well-crafted their singing talent.

As your child grows, their voices will mature and their personal styles will begin to develop. Have your child discuss with you who the singers are that they admire and why. What type of music do they sing? See if you both can learn how their favorite singers become popular. Look at the type of audience that follows that particular singer. Also, have your child tell you what the artists’ signature style is. Having your child see a performer for their individual talents, look and sound will help them see how everyone is different and help them learn that they should develop their own style as well.

Becoming a famous singer may be a pipe dream for some children; however, singing and performing in public can be a self-confidence building activity. Even if your child never achieves a hit on the top ten charts, the lessons he or she will learn by performing are invaluable life lessons.

If your child has stage fright, a music studio teacher can help them get over their fears. By giving your child some practical experience singing wherever and whenever they get a change to do so in front of a group of people, is the best way to build self-confidence.

No matter where they are in their singing abilities, a voice coach can help your child hone their skills. A vocal coach will teach your child how to breathe properly so that they have full voice support. With a voice coach, students can extend their vocal ranges and abilities giving them further confidence as a performer.

Finding a music studio that provide singing lessons for children may be a bit of a challenge; however, ask friends, search the internet and check with your child’s school teachers.

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