Monday, February 25, 2013

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Floor & VCT Cleaning Company?

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) cleaning is a job best left to professional floor cleaning companies. This type of contractor can provide the floor cleaning experience, proper equipment, and reduce the time in-house maintenance personnel must spend keeping floors and equipment clean and in good repair.

Vinyl composite tile is an excellent choice for high traffic areas in commercial facilities; however, any facility manager can attest that foot traffic, shopping carts, merchandise display movement, and other objects passing over a VCT floor day after day will have a deteriorating effect on this type of flooring. Without proper maintenance, VCT floors can lose their luster and begin to show wear.

A commercial floor cleaning company that has had experience with VCT cleaning can not only help keep your floors clean, they can also help extend the life of your investment. They will understand the proper cleaning methods, what equipment to use, and will have experience in not only cleaning, but also stripping, waxing, sealing, polishing, buffing, burnishing and performing other necessary maintenance.

Here are a few of the maintenance tasks that a commercial VCT floor cleaning contractor can performed for vinyl composite tile floors:

Vinyl Composition Flooring Stripping and Refinishing
1. Sweep floor with untreated dust mop.
2. Apply stripping solution liberally to floor and allow to dwell up to 10 minutes.
 3. Agitate solution with propane or electric stripping equipment.
4. Pick up stripping solution with wet vacuum.
5. Rinse floor with clean cold water.
6. Recoat floor with 5 coats Sealer / Finish.

Scrubbing and Burnishing – This is the process of high speed polishing a vinyl composition floor to remove light scratches and scuffs on a floor, to bring back the shine. VCT floors should be burnished as often as needed to return the floor to the appearance desired. Many commercial facilities will burnish at a frequency of every day to once every 2 weeks. Frequency depends on foot traffic and daily in-store maintenance, however, before burnishing, the floor should be properly prepared by removing all loose dirt, machine scrubbing and mopping the entire surface.

Burnishing helps maintain the clean glossy appearance while enhancing durability and slip resistance. A good commercial floor cleaning company will make sure that they never burnish a dirty floor; after all, this only leads to a dirty, shiny floor!

Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule and using the right cleaning products and equipment is the best way to maintain the look of any VCT floor. Hiring a VCT floor cleaning company to protect and clean your facilities flooring is ideal in that it is easy, fast and cost-effective. Free up time, budget and personnel by using an experienced floor cleaning company that can increase your maintenance staff’s efficiency and delivery the best floor appearance using less labor and potentially lowering costs.

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