Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is Your Child Interesting in Learning How to Play the Guitar?

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments students want to learn how to play. One of the interesting things about playing a guitar is that it can be used to play almost any type of music, from classical to rock to folk to jazz and blues.

A student can start on any type of guitar, so it is generally useful to pick the type that corresponds to the type of music the student is most interested in be it classical for classical, electric or acoustic for rock, and acoustic for jazz and blues. Your child’s guitar teacher can make recommendations to help with your selection.

A few important things to keep in mind when selecting a guitar are: has it been inspected and adjusted for playability, tuning, and tone production? Also, important is to select the appropriate size and to selecting the type of wood and finish the student prefers. It's best to try out several guitars and rely on the experience of playing them more than on price or brand name.

Beginning guitar lessons start with learning the names of the parts of the guitar, how to hold the guitar properly, and the names of the open strings, how to tune them, and how to hold and use a pick.

Once these basic skills are mastered, the student is ready to learn some scales and simple songs using a few basic chords. As the lessons progress the teacher will focus on having the student practice exercises that strengthen the fingers on the fretting hand, the hand that presses on the neck of the guitar to form chords, learning new chords and songs, and learning basic strumming patterns. Maintaining a steady rhythm while changing chords will be important to learn before moving on to more advanced techniques like chords where one finger covers multiple strings at once, finger picking or strumming individual notes or chords with the fingers of the picking hand rather than using a pick, and more advanced techniques and different ways of picking one note then playing another without re-picking.

Throughout these stages of technique the student will be learning songs appropriate to their level in different styles. The student will soon be ready to branch out into the style that most interests them.

Learning the guitar can be tough at first, but once a few basic techniques are mastered, progress happens fairly quickly. Within a year or so the average student can reach an intermediate level and has learned enough to play and improvise in several styles. With a little patience and practice, learning how to play the guitar can be an extremely rewarding experience.

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