Friday, November 9, 2012

Funeral Keepsakes Comfort Those Left Behind

Funeral keepsakes, when personalized and created to be beautiful and useful, prove to be highly valuable to the bereaved.  They can also have a positive impact on your funeral home’s business.

As the people in our lives leave us in death, we visit the objects they left behind – a favorite sweater, a book collection, and other items to retain our connection with them.  Over the years, many of their belongings seem to disappear; clothes are donated and random items are cleared away for new things.  Although these were personal possessions and were used by the deceased during their life, they don’t provide a touchstone to the totality of the person’s life.  For this reason, funeral keepsakes have become an important part of coping with loss and paying tribute to the dead.  Signifying the entire lifespan with birth and death dates and cherished for many years following death, funeral keepsakes offer mementos on which mourners can reflect and remember the deceased.  A customized keepsake has life long after the services are over and is something that your clients truly enjoy.

There are many different personalized funeral keepsake options you can recommend to your clients.  A recent study conducted on the use of keepsakes reported that over 40% of funeral homes display some version of a personalized funeral candle at each service.  Funeral candles are cherished keepsakes, and with funeral software they can be personalized with photographs, dates of birth and death, and even favorite bible passages or quotes that characterize the departed. 

Holiday remembrance ornaments are another unique keepsake option to suggest to client families.  These are perfect mementos to pass from generation to generation.  A remembrance ornament allows families to remember distant holidays and keep family memories alive for future generations.  With a choice of several elegant designs, these too can be personalized with labels printed in-house by the funeral home staff.  A good idea is to hold a Holiday Remembrance Program for the community and provide a remembrance ornament to each client family served within the previous year.

A funeral bookmark can also be personalized with photographs, pictures and quotes that symbolize the departed.  Useful and practical, a bookmark can be used again and again.  It also can have your funeral home information printed on it as a quiet marketing reminder to clients. 

One of the most highly impactful elements when incorporated into a funeral service is the DVD video tribute.  In the more traditional services of yesteryear, mourners may leave a service without any real connection to the departed.  When tribute videos are presented, however, the spirit of the person comes to life.  Photographs, video clips, favored psalms, music, poems and verbiage can be included.  Seeing a movie-like tribute for a friend or loved one and remembering the milestones of their life can help the bereaved in the grieving process and inspire them to share stories amongst themselves.  Easily reproducible and uploaded to the internet or the funeral home website, video tributes can be viewed and shared forever.

Designed specifically to keep the memory of the deceased alive, customized funeral keepsakes can be cherished by client families for generations to come.

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