Thursday, November 8, 2012

It’s Not Too Late to Hold a Holiday Remembrance Program

Although you should get started right away, it’s not too late to host a holiday remembrance program for the families you have served in the last year at your funeral home. 

Holiday remembrance programs are a special way to help client families remember and honor a loved one. Funeral professionals usually host this type of program at their funeral home and may give a personalized keepsake ornament to their client families as a unique memorial gift.

Normally held during the months of November or December, holiday remembrance programs invite the bereaved to gather together to reflect on the memory of their loved ones. During the program the funeral director will usually present their client family with a personalized ornament or other personalized keepsake.

Because this time of year is such an intense reminder of a love that has been lost, a holiday remembrance program can be a way to help the bereaved understand that heartaches will appear as they ready themselves for the holidays. Certain things like unpacking ornaments and putting up a tree may cause the bereaved to feel deep grief and loss.

Attendees of a holiday remembrance program find comfort in not only the chance to reflect on the memories of their loved one, but find strength in being with others who have experienced loss and are coping with grief as well. It is a chance to share their feelings about loss, tell stories about their loved one and discuss their life in current times. Because of this, these events offer great comfort and healing to the bereaved.

Preparing for the event, the funeral professional can easily and quickly personalize the remembrance ornaments in-house with the name and dates of the deceased or any other text that is desired. There are several styles of hand blown glass ornaments, tipped with 22k gold that can be created using only a funeral software template, adhesive decals and a standard printer. This type of ornament comes in individual gift boxes for presentation to the families and for safe keeping.

During the program, you can select someone to read a special passage, or invite others to share stories about their loved one as they remember them at the holidays. Towards the end of the program, you can present each family with a holiday remembrance ornament. In doing so, you will be providing a stunning gift that memorializes the departed and connects you further with the community. Afterwards, there may be coffee and other light refreshments served giving the families a chance to mingle and connect with each other.

Each year following the holiday remembrance program, families will have their ornament to include on their tree in their home. As they unpack their holiday decorations and remembrance ornament, they will remember their loved one and the healing place their funeral professional had in their lives as well.

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