Sunday, November 4, 2012

Personalized Temporary Grave Markers Can Have a Permanent Impact on Your Business

No longer do you have to install impersonal and unattractive temporary grave markers.  A new funeral product serves its intended purpose while having long-lasting value to your client families and your future business.

With new options in temporary grave markers, you now have a much better product to offer to your client families.  The functional yet unattractive temporary grave markers of the past are no longer necessary as a new, fully customizable choice is available to you. 

Since many deaths are unexpected, there is no time to plan for the production of a permanent headstone.  Even for those who die as a result of extended illness, the hopeful nature of humans often delays the real planning necessary to order a headstone until the very end.  For this reason, temporary grave markers have historically been necessary for cemetery workers as well as family members to identify a gravesite.  Impersonal and utilitarian temporary grave markers have net this need, but with funeral software that allows personalization of many funeral products, even temporary grave markers can reveal the nature of the departed. 

A removable photo frame forms the basis for this funeral product and once a permanent grave marker has been installed, can be kept by the family as a keepsake.  There are over 500 themes to choose from to represent the deceased’s interests in life and by adding a photo and verbiage selected by the family, a keepsake is created. 

With easy to follow templates you simply choose a theme befitting any occupation, hobby or interest, drag and drop a photo into the identified area and copy and paste a prayer, poem or obituary.  Then print, tear along the perforated edges and laminate with the provided laminated pouches.  Insert into the acrylic frame and attach to a reusable metal stake.

Such minimal effort yields great rewards in terms of a completely customized funeral product that has long lasting value.  For the client family, a loved one’s grave is marked by an item that will touch them as they are able to gaze upon a photo of their loved one.  Because the photo frame is so appealing, they will wish to keep it after the permanent grave marker is in place.  For your business, the availability of an attractive item that is rarely even thought of until death will increase your reputation as an all-inclusive, client-focused funeral home.

This patent pending product is just one of many funeral products that you can create yourself in-house with funeral software that allows you to personalize stationery, keepsakes, remembrance ornaments and more.  By applying a consistent theme to all items you can establish an individual tone for each client you serve.  This tone will be present at the service and among keepsakes and funeral stationery kept by client families for many years to come.  Each time the item is brought out, your business will be remembered with gratitude and as a result, more business will come your way.

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