Thursday, January 31, 2013

Different Types of Grave Markers

A cemetery is a sacred place for it contains the remains of previous generations, loved ones, and friends. To identify or mark the location of the burial or internment of each person, some type of grave marker is used. Depending on cemetery regulations, the deceased’s last wishes, and the family’s finances, different types of markers can be used.

Here are some of the most common types of grave markers:

Headstones – Placed at the head of the grave, these markers can be made of many different materials including fieldstone, marble, granite, and cement to name a few.

Footstones – As its name implies, a footstone marks the foot of the grave and usually has the person’s initials carved on it. These markers are almost always found in marble.

Lawn Markers – Using carved marble or granite block or a bronze plate bolted onto a stone, this type of grave marker is mounted flush with the ground.

Companion Markers – This type of marker usually has two or more people mentioned with the most common being a husband and wife.

Niche Markers – These small marble, granite or bronze plaques are usually mounted on wall in mausoleums.

Ledger Stones, also called Grave Covers – Again, as the name implies, a grave cover does just that – it covers the grave. These markers are usually six feet long, by three feet wide and approximately four inches thick. They can be inscribed or used in conjunction with a headstone.

Temporary Grave Markers – Used to mark the plot after burial and before the permanent tombstone is created and installed, temporary grave markers have traditionally consisted of a card that was either typed or handwritten including the name, birth and death dates and occasionally a plot number. This card was affixed to a plastic stake.

Removable Photo Frame Temporary Grave Markers– These markers are revitalizing temporary markers. Invented as a different type of keepsake, this grave marker contains all the traditional information, but can also be fully customized and coordinated with the theme of other funeral stationery. Photographs, poems and additional text can be added to the temporary markers. Once the permanent marker is in place, the photo frame is removed from the stake and the family is presented with a unique keepsake.

No matter what type of permanent grave marker a family decides upon, temporary grave markers that convert to elegant, solidly crafted keepsakes are an ideal choice and are being well received by the funeral industry and the families served.

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