Friday, August 10, 2012

East Valley Arizona Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is a service that nearly everyone needs. Not only do East Valley, Arizona home owners in residential neighborhoods need the service on a regular basis, commercial properties also must get their carpets cleaned once a year or more.

As a general rule, a carpet should be cleaned to a professional standard every 12 to 18-months, although in areas of heavy foot traffic or a heavy dog shedding, a carpet clean might be reduced to every 12-months. If you are in need of a professional carpet cleaner in the East Valley, you will want to find a reliable and trustworthy company.

Picking the right carpet cleaning company is not an easy thing for somebody who is not in the carpet cleaning industry. To an outsider, all of the companies look the same and it can be hard to separate the good ones from the bad ones. It is an important decision though because there definitely is a difference between companies.
Here are some tips that will prove useful to you while selecting the right carpet company:

1) Choose a local company - Carpet cleaners in the East Valley can normally provide a more prompt and proper service for their customers. But, perhaps the best thing about hiring a local carpet cleaning company is that they can provide fast, emergency service when others cannot.

2) Look for an insured company - Having a bond policy for the employees ensures that the employee will own up to any damage that occurs to the carpet. This will ensure proper care of your carpet and protects you from being a victim of carelessness.

3) Choose a carpet cleaning method - Ask your potential carpet cleaning company what method of carpet cleaning that they employ. Truck Mounted True Steam Extraction to deeply clean your carpet using real steam, not just hot water. It disinfects, kills germs & odors, revitalizes the carpet and cleans without soaking your carpet or using harsh chemicals.

4) How much will it cost? Another area that you must pay attention to is the pricing method used by your carpet cleaner. Make sure there are no hidden fees or surprise extra charges. Some companies guarantee their pricing while others prey on customers to rack up extra service fees.

5) Find out about the company's technical expertise - The company needs to be well versed in chemical cleaning products and be aware of toxic reactions and allergies that can arise from the use of certain solutions. Inexperienced carpet cleaners can ruin your carpet, and your health.

6) Length of time in the business - The longer a company is in the business the more trustworthy a business can be, so do your homework and find out for how long the company was in business.

7) Ask for references - Check the company's reputation through other people who have been their customers before. Any company which can readily provide you with this information is definitely a good company as they are sure that the customers will provide you with a good referral.

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