Friday, December 7, 2012

Cylinlock Retaining Compounds

Assembly of cylindrical parts, such as rotors, gears, bushings, collars and bearing, can be effectively and reliably accomplished with Hernon's line of Cylinlock Retaining Compounds. Cylinlock high strength products eliminate the need for mechanical methods of assembly while decreasing production and assembly cost.

Cylinlock Retaining Compounds are highly engineered, 100% active, high strength anaerobic liquids that cure to a tough plastic when air is excluded. The plastic shim formed when Cylinlock cures fills the voids present in even the best shrink or press fits. These compounds also find utility in improving the performance of mechanical retaining methods such as splines, keyways and set screws.

The reliability of cylindrical assemblies is determined by the frictional force between the male and female parts of the assembly. All surfaces under magnification exhibit waviness and surface variations, even the most brightly ground and polished. A good analogy is to picture these irregularities as a series of high and low points, like the knuckles of the hand. Bearing and shaft assemblies are subject to pounding forces in operation such that the high points rub and wear away at each other. Anaerobic adhesives increase the force required to initiate sliding and wearing of surfaces on each other.

Cylinlock retaining compounds create mechanical anchoring within mating surfaces. The operational forces must first overcome these anchors before sliding or wearing can occur. Cylinlock retaining compounds provide 100% contact between mating surfaces when cured. Cylinlock retaining compounds can be used between worn shafts or bearing housing, quickly restoring these otherwise useless assemblies without extensive and expensive restoration processes such as metal-flame spraying, rechroming, grinding, etc.

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