Thursday, December 6, 2012

HERNON Dripstop 940 for Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring all service, public transport and fleet vehicles to switch over to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) technology.

Dripstop 940 is Approved to ISO 22241-2 requirements! Learn More

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a solution made from 67.5% purified water and 32.5% automotive-grade urea that serves as a carrying agent for the ammonia needed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines. When DEF is injected into the engine exhaust gas, downstream of the DPF, it will be rapidly hydrolyzed producing the oxidizing ammonia needed by the SCR catalyst to complete NOx emissions reductions. DEF begins to freeze at 12 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 degrees Celsius), manufacturers are incorporating a heating system to prevent this.

Unlike other solutions used to control NOx, a DEF system allows the diesel engine to run at its optimum range in terms of fuel mixture – some systems require the engine to run richer, which can be harmful to diesel engines, to control the NOx.

HERNON®’s Dripstop 940 product is ideal for DEF systems.

With over 30 years experience and manufacturing over 400 grades of high performance military and industrial grade adhesives, sealants, coatings and related equipment, HERNON®’s Dripstop® 940, a high-speed thread sealant, is being used successfully in many companies.

Each of HERNON®’s sealant solutions are engineered to maximize quality control of the process, to maximize productivity, economy of sealant usage, and energy efficiency. As your total solutions provider, HERNON® has worked to refine this line of product to meet today’s production environment rigors and need for accuracy and repeatability.

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