Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gasket Replacer Adhesives

HERNON Gasket Replacer products form a thin, tough, resilient, solvent, and temperature resistant seal. Gasket Replacer adhesives are superior to other gasketing methods. They contain no solvents and do not shrink, stretch, split, rot, distort, wear-out, or relax. Joints never need re-torquing.

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Gasket Replacer 910 is a general purpose product. It is a smooth gel that is easily applied and cures after confinement into a thin, tough, flexible, resilient and reliable seal. It flexes with flanges during pressure and/or thermal cycling, and withstands vibration effects. Fills gaps to .010″ unprimed, .050″ primed. Excellent supplement to dress hard or soft precut gaskets. Assures adequate gasket performance on less than optimum flange faces. Suitable for application by tracing, screen-printing, and roll coating. Use to replace all gaskets up to .030″ thick.

Applications include:
  • Gearbox covers
  • Vacuum pump flanges
  • Fuel and water pumps
  • Automotive and truck axle covers
  • Pump couplings
  • Fuel tanks on chain saws
  • Power-take-off covers

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