Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ultraspot 1000 - UV Curing System

The Hernon® UltraSpot 1000 is a high intensity 200-watt ultraviolet light wand/spot curing system for ultraviolet light cure adhesives and coatings. The advanced PLC control system allows the user to determine the proper cure time in manual mode then convert the resulting time to automatic mode. The PLC includes external control circuits for incorporation into an external control or response system. The UltraSpot 1000 features a bulb-life saving system to automatically shut down the system when left attended.
  • 200 watts Unit peaks @365nm with 17 watts per square cm
  • Options for filter (example: UVA) are available
  • Unit will operate between 90-264 volts
  • 50-64Hz, 4 amps @ 120V
  • Input/Output port provided
  • Optional wnds are 5mm & 8mm and we can split up to (4) 3mm wands (with 8mm input)
  • Other options for light output are exposure heads (Line Shots) 2" long x 6 heads or 8 heads or other custom sizes
  • Unit is totally PLC controlled
  • Can offer diagnostic information i.e. number of exposures or average time exposures, on-off cycles, bulb status warning, etc.
  • Timed Mode: applied with foot switch activation
  • Manual Mode: applied when foot switch is held down.
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