Saturday, December 15, 2012

Traditional Funerals Make Way for Life Celebrations

Funerals have evolved with the changing wishes of society.  Traditional funerals are not the standard anymore. 

Modern funerals are moving away from the strict adherence to the traditional funeral service norms to be much more personalized life celebrations.  A perfect example of this departure is how funeral homes are not really using stock funeral stationery anymore.  Funeral stationery software enables a funeral home to print anything the family wishes on blank stock.  All this can be done in-house in a quick and affordable manner.  The best part is that nothing is set in stone – options are what’s it’s all about. 

Take prayer cards for instance.  Historically depicting pictures of saints and angels on one side and a prayer or verse on the flip side, now prayer cards can contain anything a client family wishes it to have.  Some may choose an image of the person who has passed away on one side and a favorite quote or poem on the reverse side.  Funeral stationery software makes all of this possible.

The poster boards displaying photographs of happier times in the deceased’s life as well as special family moments are falling by the wayside along with pre-printed funeral stationery.  Families are still digging out the old photo albums, but what’s being done with them is something just short of amazing.  Moving, tribute videos are being created. 

Tribute video software enables a funeral director to take the images and even the videos that a client family provides and easily manipulate them into a tribute video complete with music, a theme that’s coordinated with the personalized funeral stationery and even add in photo captions or anything else the family wants. 

The tribute video can be played during the service and then kept to watch again and again on anniversaries, other special occasions, or whenever the family wishes.  These tribute videos can also be uploaded onto the funeral homes’ website as well so the family keeps coming back to your website.

Another software program that has become popular in the last few years is funeral webcasting.  A webcast brings families closer together by literally closing the gap in miles enabling family and friends to attend a funeral online from anywhere in the world via the internet.  Instead of missing a funeral because of illness, work commitments, or finances, now by logging onto a secure website, the bereaved can see and hear everything that happens at the service.  Most people would never have imagined something like this would ever happen.  Yet, it’s available now as long as the funeral home has funeral webcasting software and the proper equipment.

While it may seem daunting to learn all of this new funeral software, sit back and relax.  Frazer Consultants has designed easy to use, all-in-one funeral software that will exceed your client family’s expectations and make your life easier too.

 Frazer Consultants primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, funeral candles, funeral keepsakes, funeral register books, personalized funeral stationery, temporary grave markers and funeral holiday remembrance ornaments.  For more information, please visit or call 866-372-9372.

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