Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Benefits of Private Music Lessons

As parents, we only want what’s best for our children.  Private music lessons offer many benefits including non-parental adult support and encouragement as well as overcoming obstacles independently. 

Learning to play a musical instrument can be more of a daunting task than a child, or parent may expect.  Fingers, tongue, breathing, posture, note reading, and counting all come into play with this foreign object put into your child’s hands!

Working with a private music teacher can help a student keep up with peers when in a group setting – in band practice at school, for example.  Children learn at different paces and will master certain techniques in different time frames.  Private music lessons helps your child concentrate on skills he or she is lacking and helps polish those skills already learned.

Private lessons can also minimize a child’s frustration of learning to play an instrument.  Although frustration can instill determination in some, in others it may lead to discouragement and a sense of failure.  It would be sad to see a child give up learning an instrument in the early stages when all that was needed was a little personal attention.  Every child deserves an opportunity to enjoy playing an instrument – not be completely frustrated in the process.

Private lessons also set the child up for success.  With a private instructor, a child learns the fundamentals more quickly and can receive immediate praise directly from their teacher during the lesson.  Once a solid foundation is built, the child can keep learning, playing and succeeding – which instills confidence.

When a student is enrolled in music lessons with a private instructor, it is easier for the child to stay motivated – even after a few years of playing.  A private instructor is knowledgeable about different music styles and can help the child discover what new music to learn, what goal to pursue next. 

Young musicians need to learn how to practice.  A private music instructor can spend time with a student on practice skills.  Sometimes more time is spent on this than on other aspects.  Whether the student is a beginning or an advanced musician, quality practice time is required on a regular basis to master each skill.  Practice does make perfect!  A private music teacher will send the students home weekly with the proper practice pieces, skills and instruction on how to practice at home. 

Another benefit of private music lessons is that you can select the time slot that works best for you and your child’s schedule.  And finally, private music lessons are also helpful for those who are shy, or reserved.

Private music lessons can maximize a young musician’s opportunity for musical success and fun.  Consider enrolling your child today. 

About Wagner Dance and Music
Since 1989, Wagner Dance and Music, a performing arts school, has been teaching East Valley students. Our 3600 square foot Gilbert facility is conveniently located on the southeast corner of Gilbert and Guadalupe in the Big Lots plaza. We offer classes for ages 2 to adult in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Tumbling, Cheer, Musical Theater and Voice as well as adult classes.  For more information about Student Appreciation Day or to sign up for a class, visit http://wagnerdancearts.com or call 480-892-7179.

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