Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Prepare Your Child for a Pageant or Talent Show

When it comes to the talent portion of a pageant, usually any type of on stage performance will be acceptable.  However, if you want to help your child set themselves apart from the other contestants; here are a few tips so that you can be sure they are well prepared. 

1.    Select Their Strongest Talent.  When your child is deciding what talent to portray in a pageant or talent show, be sure they select an activity that they are comfortable with and in which they have some experience.

2.    Develop Their Talent. 
Believe it or not -- not everyone was born a great singer or dancer overnight without any lessons or practice.  With the help of a dance teacher or music coach and practice, you can help your child turn a modest talent into a strong performance.

3.    Project Confidence.  If your child’s talent involves performing a song, be sure they select a song that they enjoy and are comfortable with.  This will make them appear more confident in front of the judges and audience. 

4.    Practice in Public.  Before the big talent show or night of the pageant performance, look for opportunities for your child to perform in recitals, church or community groups.  Performing in public will help your child obtain the practice of performing before an audience and to learn what areas of their routine are well-polished and which ones still need help.  Performing in front of family and friends can also be an ego boost for your child’s self-confidence if family and friends come to see them perform.

5.    Have an Alternate Song or Music Selection.  Some national pageants will only permit one contestant to perform to a given piece of music.  Be sure your child has a back-up routine ready should something go wrong.

With a little creativity and a good attitude, the talent portion of a beauty pageant is what can set your child apart from the rest of the contestants.  Encourage your future star to express his or herself through their talents, whether that’s signing, playing a musical instrument or dancing.   No matter what your child’s talent, be sure reminding them the purpose of the talent show or pageant is for them to have fun.

Wagner Dance & Music offers special packages to help prepare students for the talent portion of beauty pageants. If your child is interested in competing in a pageant or other talent show these dance packages will help prepare them. Work with professional choreographers and dance teachers to tune your child's talent to show their best.

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