Thursday, October 4, 2012

Room Temperature Cure Adhesives for LED Manufacturing and More

In recent years LED manufacturing as well as aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, precision machining, electronics and other high-tech industries have been developing rapidly. This growth also increases the need for bonding electrical heat sink components with high thermal conductivity.

Structural acrylic provides specific adhesion for bonding electrical heat sink components with high thermal conductivity. Heat trapped and not dissipated by the components can lead to premature component failure and costly repair and replacement. Using a structural acrylic, thermal conductivity is assured and electrical shorting is prevented by the insulation characteristics of the adhesives. Additionally, the acrylic adhesives replace mechanical devices and silicone greases that can trap contaminants.

These room temperature curing adhesives save time, effort, are energy-saving, easy to use and can not only reduce the cost of adhesive, but can also simplify the process.

Hernon Manufacturings’ Dissipator®, a thermally conductive room temperature cure adhesive, is designed for bonding electrical components to heat sink with a controlled gap. Developed by Hernon, this custom product line, paired with Hernon’s dispensing equipment solutions are ideal for use in the production of LED lighting.

HERNON Manufacturing has been committed to delivering world class adhesive, sealant, and impregnation solutions along with precision dispensing systems for nearly four decades. A long-time member of Central Florida’s industrial manufacturing community, HERNON offers strong brands and technologies, all made in the United States, for a diverse range of industries including: Energy/Power Generation, Medical, Electronics, Electrical, LED, Automotive, Appliances, Sporting Goods, Ammunition, Communications, Aerospace, Aviation, High Tech Audio, Defense, Fire Suppression, Transportation, and Marine. HERNON Manufacturing is proud to be an ISO-9001 registered company whose products meet or exceed Mil-Specs. HERNON Manufacturing has been recognized as a top company in Orlando and is listed in the Orlando Business Journal’s Book of Lists. The company also was awarded the 2012 ThinkGlobal Exporter of the Year, named one of Florida's Top Companies to Watch in 2012, and has received the 2012 William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award for its advanced process for ammunition coatings. Visit for more information.

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