Monday, October 22, 2012

Funeral Register Bookshelf Keepsake Boxes Add Flair to your Product Offerings

Somewhat recently, funeral register books took a departure from the humdrum, standardized books of yesteryear and began to appear in different colors and themes, including photos and captions.  Now, they have another value-added benefit.  Beautifully designed bookshelf keepsake boxes allow the register book to be displayed safely and elegantly.

Even though a life comes to an end, the cherished memories of the departed remain forever in the thoughts of those left behind.  Particularly in the weeks and months after the death of a loved one, it is critical in the grieving process to revisit memories of that person. 

Funeral services provide the initial opportunity to share grief and reminiscences, which are often stimulated by personalized items such as tribute videos and stationery that contain photographs and other items that are unique to the deceased. 

One of the most indispensable and expected elements of a funeral service is the register book where guests record their attendance.  With software developed by and for the funeral profession, register books can be customized with photos, quotes, and other references that reflect the personality of the departed.  And now, a beautiful bookshelf keepsake box has been introduced that elegantly contains the funeral register book for display in home or office.

Personalized funeral register books allow pages to be decorated with a theme well suited to the deceased as well as photos and captions.  The bookshelf keepsake box is available in ten design themes to match the funeral registry.  Your client families can choose from designs such as brown, navy or charcoal swirls, burgundy or blue floral, golden or gray natural, patriotic and autumn leaves.  Each keepsake box has a placement for a photograph of the departed and the registry fits snugly within the box for safe keeping. 

With the attractive keepsake box, your client families have a useful added memento of their loved one.  They can exhibit it on bookshelves in their libraries or offices and the tasteful designs complement any style of home and office d├ęcor.  Constructed with heavy cardboard stock, they are then printed with the design that matches the funeral register book.  When assisting client families in design selection, it is recommended that the funeral home professional suggests applying the theme to all funeral related items.  As client families see the application of the theme to the register book, prayer cards, thank you cards, bookmarks, memorial folders and even candles, they can envision how a tone will be set at the funeral service to properly celebrate their loved ones life.

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