Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leakproofing Parts & Impregnation Resins

Castings are impregnated for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is to retain gases or fluids under pressure such as air regulators, gas meters, pumps, gear housings, valves, brake parts, fuel systems parts, refrigerant compressor housings,automotive and aircraft housings, cylinder heads and liners. These parts can hold pressure up to the burst strength of the casting. Powder metal parts and plastic injection molded components are also impregnated for these reasons.

Powder metal parts and castings may also impregnated before other metal finishing operations, such as plating or painting. Cleaning agents and acids used in these operations can be absorbed into the pores and remain there during the rest of the operation. Later, these fluids emerge from the pores, causing pits, blisters, or other blemishes on the surface. Out gassing of air from the porosity during paint curing can also cause blistering. Sealing the porosity prior to this can eliminate this problem.

Impregnation technology seals leaks on all ferrous and nonferrous metals, including die castings, sand castings, investment castings, pressure castings, powdered metal parts. Iron, bronze, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, steel, sintered metal, as well as alloys of these metals can be impregnated. Other non-metallic materials, such as wood, plastic, and ceramics can also be impregnated.

Hernon Manufacturing’s impregnating equipment solutions are engineered to maximize quality control of the process, to maximize productivity, economy of sealant usage, and energy efficiency. Additionally, the company offers a complete line of impregnation products:

Hernon Porosity Sealant 990 (HPS 990) is the solution to leak proofing of cast metal components. HERNON® HPS 990 is an anaerobic-cure polymer impregnation resin. HPS 990 cures once it reaches the inner porosity of metal components.

HPS offers improved machinability and surface quality for painting and plating. The hardened resins exhibit superior chemical resistance and elevated temperature stability.

HPS 990 is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in commercial and residential potable water systems not exceeding 82ºC (180ºF). NSF International helps protect you and your customers by certifying products worldwide and writing internationally-recognized standards for food, water and consumer goods. As an independent, not-for-profit, global public health and safety organization, NSF is committed to improving human health and safety worldwide.

HPS 990 is also certified to military specification MIL-I-17563 Revision C-Class 1.

HPS 991 – Heat-Cure Porosity Sealant
HERNON® HPS 991 is a heat cure impregnation resin. HPS 991 does not leave a residue during the impregnation process so plating or painting is not inhibited afterwards.

HPS 1000 – Increased Washability Porosity Sealant

HERNON® HPS 1000 is a heat cure impregnation resin. HPS 1000 offers unprecedented washability which leaves virtually no residue on processed parts. HPS 1000 replaces less effective and more costly methods of sealing cast and powered metal parts.

HPS 1200 – Flexible Electronic Porosity Sealant
HERNON® HPS 1200 is designed for sealing interfacial leak paths in flexible electronic assemblies. HPS 1200 can also enhance dielectric strength or seal porosity in passive materials. Better wash-ability means that parts are not cosmetically and dimensionally changed by the impregnation process.

About Hernon: Founded in 1978, Hernon Manufacturing provides porosity sealing solutions including sealant and complete processing systems to companies throughout the world. Hernon’srange of porosity sealants include heat and anaerobic cure mechanisms. Its impregnation systems are designed to suit the foundry industry’s parts and production processes. Available systems offer good stability, predictability and improved washability during the impregnation process. Comparison to ‘classic’ sealing materials like sodium silicate shows the performance superiority of HPS impregnation. Full and complete sealing, without limitations, is the norm.

As your total solutions provider, HERNON has worked to refine this line of products and impregnation sealing equipment to meet today’s production environment rigors and need for accuracy and repeatability.

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