Thursday, July 5, 2012

Distinguish Your Funeral Home's Business From the Rest

A flickering candle, a holiday remembrance ornament, a bookmark with their loved ones smiling face...these small and endearing keepsakes make a big impact on your business. With the ability to customize them and offer to your client families, they are cherished by the bereaved who will remember your comforting services for many years to come.

As a funeral home professional you are in a position to provide memorial keepsakes to your client families to honor their beloved departed. A large variety of unique keepsake items are available to you. Show your client families the exceptional ways they can memorialize their deceased with items such as personalized funeral candles, remembrance ornaments and bookmarks.

Modern funeral are celebrations of the departed's individuality. From video tributes presenting a life history to stationery customized with favorite quotes and images, they are countless ways to represent the spirit of the deceased. Memorial keepsakes play a vital role in helping keep the memory alive as well as comforting the bereaved. Funeral candles are much adored keepsakes and with the ability to customize with photographs and quotes, they deliver hours of comforting reflection. Lighting them on special occasions or just whenever the mood strikes, they are enduring sources of comfort.

Funeral bookmarks are another keepsake that has life long after the services are over. Unlike prayer cards, which have little utility, bookmarks are useful and practical items to be used again and again. Personalized and easily created with simple templates, bookmarks are appreciated by all. Since many funerals have a certain "theme" that is represented in multiple elements, applying the same theme to the bookmark makes sense. With your funeral home information printed on it, it serves to quietly promote your business each time it is used.

Remembrance ornaments are elegant keepsakes that make a long-lasting impression on client families as well as their friends and loved ones. Hand-blown glass tipped in 22 carat gold and presented in a satin lined box, these special gifts will receive prominent place on the Christmas trees of your clients families for years to come. Customized with the birth and death dates of the deceased, they demonstrate your compassion to those you serve. These are perfect keepsakes to pass from generation to generation, evoking memories of distant holidays and keeping family members that have passed long ago alive and relevant to their descendants.

You are lucky to be a funeral professional in this age of technology. With the latest funeral software, you are in the perfect position to be able to offer these highly personalized mementos. Funerals will never be the same, nor will your business.

Frazer Consultants primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, funeral candles, funeral keepsakes, funeral register books, personalized funeral stationery, temporary grave markers and funeral holiday remembrance ornaments. For more information, please visit or call 866-372-9372.

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