Friday, July 13, 2012

Elevate your Funeral Home to a Premier Position with Funeral Software

As a funeral professional, you’ve surely heard about the magical benefits of funeral software.  Instead of relying on cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all funerals, give your client families the gift of truly being able to celebrate their loved ones life experience. 

Funerals serve many purposes.  In addition to the practical aspect of buying the dead, they provide a unique opportunity for friends and loved ones to gather and celebrate the life of someone who touched them all. 

Funerals help those left behind come to terms with the finality nature of death and the fragility of life.  They initiate the healing process and provide a community to reflect and mourn with.  Funerals allow us to pay our respects to the dead, but are primarily to support those closest to the deceased.  An event this momentous should be a true celebration of life; the life lost and the life ahead for survivors.  As a funeral home professional, you truly can affect the success of this event.  The ability to create personalized items, be they prayer cards, funeral register books, or even memorial candles is a gift that funeral software will enable to give the bereaved.

Instead of the funeral services of yore, today’s funerals celebrate the individual spirit of the departed.  Staid, standard funeral register books have been abandoned in favor of registers that are personalized with photographs an favorite quotes.  Tribute videos are nowadays considered the cornerstone of visitation, providing a visual story of the departed with personal photographs, videos, music and text.  Funeral webcasting is becoming more popular as families are separated by miles and may not be able to attend physically.  Memorial keepsakes, such as funeral candles, bookmarks, holiday remembrance ornaments and memorial folders include photos and other personal elements, and are used for many months or even years after the service.

These items are neither difficult nor expensive to offer your client families.  In fact, with easy to use funeral software, you can distinguish your funeral home from others by transforming the service into a touching and personal event. With 24-hour technical assistance and online tutorials, even the most technologically intimidated funeral professional can create professional items that are sure to impress your client families.  Plus, you’re never on your own as there are numerous marketing tool available to help you promote these products to your clients.  Furthermore, the integration of various technologies, such as combining a tribute video with a funeral webcast will elevate your reputation as a provider of premiere services.

With the availability of professional funeral software that you install on the funeral home’s computer, you can produce hundreds of pieces of unique funeral stationery and other keepsakes in-house with your own printers.  It’s never been easier to offer customized, professional funeral products that will make a funeral service truly memorable.

About Frazer Consultants
Frazer Consultants primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, funeral candles, funeral keepsakes, funeral register books, personalized funeral stationery, temporary grave markers and funeral holiday remembrance ornaments.  For more information, please visit or call 866-372-9372.

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