Friday, July 6, 2012

New Options in Temporary Grave Markers

The latest funeral product to receive life through personalization is the temporary grave marker. Revolutionary in its design and long-lasting as a keepsake, the new grave markers identify grave sites with grace and dignity until the permanent headstone is installed.

As a funeral home professional you have undoubtedly become aware of the many ways you can help your client families create a funeral service that reflects the individual essence of their loved one. The rapidly accepted use of funeral software allows you to personalize many aspects of the service, from keepsakes to video tributes. Perhaps one of the newer items to receive customization is the temporary grave marker.

Used for decades to mark the plot after burial and before the permanent tombstone is created and delivered, temporary grave markers were just basic necessities that client families had little concern with. Generally ordered and installed by cemetery employees or funeral home professionals, client families were not involved or consulted with on the structure or design of these utilitarian markers. A card that was either typed of handwritten included the name, birth and death dates and occasionally a plot number, and was affixed to a plastic stick.

Designed to be in place for only a short period of time - usually up to six and no longer than twelve months, temporary grave markers were often considered ugly and undignified. Flimsy and susceptible to the elements, they could erode quickly, ripping, getting tattered and lending an unkempt look to the grave site.

As many deaths may be sudden or funeral arrangements unplanned, the installation of the permanent headstone may not be completed for several months. Recently developed funeral software has put an end to the unappealing temporary of yesteryear. You, the funeral home professional, can create personalized, attractive grave markers in-house. These markers can contain photographs, logos, obituaries or favorite psalms and provide a sense of love and dignity to the grave site before the permanent marker has arrived. Incredibly easy to make with just the framework of the temporary marker, the funeral software, a computer and printer, you have the ability to offer your client families not only an elegant temporary marker, but a removable photo frame to take home as a keepsakes.

When helping a client family plan a funeral that captures the nature of their loved one, offer this dignified alternative to the unsightly temporary grave markers of the past. They will be pleased with your service and your devotion to their departed.

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