Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Enduring Tribute to Your Beloved Departed

Video tributes help you honor your love one while starting the necessary process of grieving. Your funeral home professional will be happy to help you create a world class tribute that you will treasure for years to come.

Unless you have actually been involved in planning a funeral recently, you're probably not familiar with the many new opportunities that are available to help make a more meaningful celebration of life.

Modern funerals allow greater expression of the deceased's personality with all types of different items, such as funeral stationery, register books and even keepsakes. One of the most impactful things you can do to truly honor your loved one's memory is create a DVD video tribute. Played during visitation or a reception, a video tribute will unite mourners in memories of their loved one's spirit during life.

If you're thinking, "how on earth can I make a tribute video while planning everything else in such a short amount of time AND deal with my grief?" you can put that concern right out of your head. You'd be surprised at how technologically savvy funeral home professionals have become these days. In addition to the classic products and services, many funeral homes use state-of-the-art software to create everything you need to have an elegant, memorable service. Often used in addition to the traditional display of printed photos.

Your funeral home professional will handle virtually all aspects of the video tribute. All you need to do is provide photographs of your loved one. Be sure to recruit friends and family to help select photos and to submit their own. With more people engaged in this process, the tribute will reveal the deceased through many relationships and will be more profound. If there is a special music soundtrack you want to include, that is not a problem. In addition to many beautiful musical options, you can select one of hundreds of background themes that best epitomize the essence of the departed. You can even include videos. The best tribute videos contain many images, showing a visual history and taking visitors through major life milestones.

Cherished memories, long forgotten, summon a sense of community as mourners share their laughter and tears. This is essential in healthy grieving. Talking, sharing feelings and stories and providing support are all important to work through the pain that death causes.

Video tributes are easily duplicated and can be uploaded to websites. They are loving and enduring celebrations of life that can be experienced whenever the mood strikes. They are a gift for you and others left behind.

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